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JEI BLVCK ft. Kieran Fowkes – All That Matters [Stripped Recordings]

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Continuing to build a bond with Stripped Recordings, JEI BLVCK returns to the label for a new single. The American artist made her debut on the UK imprint in January of this year with 'Feel'. Written in conjunction well known vocalist Kieran Fowkes, the duo earned praise from a cross section of electronic music tastemakers. Also a commercial success, it's contemporary style and emotive slant saw the track rise to the top of JEI's Beatport Best Sellers chart where it still sits at the time of this writing. Now teaming up once again, JEI and Kieran unveil their latest studio creation 'All That Matters', alongside remixes from Tone Of Arc, Markus Homm and Bemannte & Bruder.

Beginning with the Original Mix, JEI aims at a peak time dance floor with great results. Backed by a muscular, machine gun style groove, it's rippling undulation lays the foundation for Kieren's spine-tingling vocals to work their magic. Amidst of maze of perfectly manicured percussion and drifting atmospheres, the vocal emerges tastefully, perfectly playing off the dark narrative as the break approaches. As the centrepiece takes shape the mood shifts into emotive territory, with glowing pads, warm bass tones and impassioned chord changes rising, before eventually melting down into a finale of devilish stabs and punishing beats.

Returning to the label and providing the first interpretation of 'All That Matters' is Tone of Arc. Also based in the United States, the Pennsylvania resident has showcased his music on trendsetting record labels such as Bar 25, Eleatics, My Favorite Robot and No.19 Music. Landing in May of this year, Tone Of Arc's Stripped Recordings debut found the American artist collaborating with JEI BLVCK on the duo's well received 'Mysteries ft. Shawni' single. Now returning to the label for his first remix, Tone Of Arc delivers an impassioned take on 'All That Matters'. Aptly titled 'Full Vocal Intro Mix', it's nearly three minutes before muted beats begin to rise. The vocal sounds sensational across the seven minute journey, breathing wonderfully amidst an array of exotic percussion and warm bass swells. Opening up further as the piece evolves, the vibe is quite symphonic at points, yet understated and classy which results in a hugely emotive rendition of the track.

Making his label debut and providing the second interpretation is Markus Homm. The German artist has been a fixture of the electronic music underground for the better part of two decades. His timeless tech house style has found a home on Bedrock Records, Diynamic Music, Poker Flat and Stereo Productions. Now fresh off a massive remix for Monday Social Music, Markus makes his Stripped Recordings debut with a groovy take on 'All That Matters'. Radically remade, the framework opens up with a chunky groove anchoring a wave of flickering melodies and understated percussion. Used sparingly across the first act, the vocals add further depth and emotion, almost foreshadowing a fuller reveal during the main break, but ultimately pulling back in favour of a smooth, hypnotic finale.

The release concludes with Bemannte & Bruder also making their label debut and providing the final interpretation of 'All That Matters'. Made up of real life brothers John and Kevin Manning, Bemannte & Bruder are no strangers to the Stripped family, having contributed a track to the 'Extended Play 05' EP compilation series, before going on to release their 'Some Emotion' single, both of which came courtesy of the label's Digital division earlier this year. Now stepping up to parent label Stripped Recordings, the duo craft a heady rendition of 'All That Matters'. Through distinctive design and trippy lines, the duo have crafted an excellent complement to the original. Astral sonics and a mountainous groove play off each other wonderfully, while Keiran’s ghostly vocals drift through the framework at timely moments. Modulation rises as the main break approaches, building sizable tension as a result, making the emotive break all the more impactful and perfectly setting the course for a tough yet groovy finale. An inspired remix from Bemannte & Bruder, which caps off a well rounded and welcome return to Stripped Recordings for JEI BLVCK and Kieran Fowkes. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 01-07-2021

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