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Jean Caillou – Simplon (Remixes) [Sound Avenue]

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Madloch's Sound Avenue imprint opens the month of March by showcasing new interpretations of Jean Caillou's 'Simplon'. Released in March of last year, the five-track showcase was not only a prime example of the Swiss artist's creative attitude but a highlight in the label's catalog. Supported by deep and organic DJs alike, Sound Avenue now looks to bring new life to the project by inviting HAEN, St.Ego, Jayden Klight, Evernaya and Umannto to re-imagine it for 2023's spring season.

Returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Hora' is HAEN. Perhaps better known as Sachin Menon, the Indian artist created 'HAEN' as a moniker to further explore electronic music, fusing warm tones and atmospheres with experimental elements and sounds inspired from a broad spectrum of musical genres. Juicebox Music, Mango Alley and Songspire have all been vehicles for HAEN's transcendent sound, while the underground's tastemakers have also chimed in with support. Having made his Sound Avenue debut last month with a well received remix of 'Journey to the Unknown' by Madloch and Sudnode, HAEN now makes a welcome return to the label with a deeper take on 'Hora'.

Making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Down' is St.Ego. Hailing from Russia, St. Ego first emerged last year with a release via label subsidiary 3rd Avenue. Smooth and organic in equal measure, the three-track offering caught the attention of organic house fans for its deep and musical approach. The following six months would see St.Ego go on a creative swell, releasing five more projects for 3rd Avenue while also adding Bekool Records, Dreamers, Nordic Voyage and more to his resume. Now embarking on his biggest remix project to date, St.Ego makes his Sound Avenue debut with a gorgeous rendition of 'Down'.

Becoming somewhat of a label stalwart, selection three finds Jayden Klight returning for the lone interpretation of 'Feathered Serpent'. The US artist made his first appearance on the Belgian imprint in September of 2020 with a remix of 'Pattern Lock' by Madloch and Subnode, a project which would lead to the release of 'Click' EP the following year and two subsequent remixes across a creative twelve-month stretch. With key projects via Dream Culture, Proton Music and Seven Villas also highlighting his resume, Jayden now finds his way back to Sound Avenue with a timeless take on 'Feathered Serpent'.

Selection four finds Evernaya making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Myst'. Hailing from India, Evernaya has emerged from his country's progressive music landscape as a talent to watch. A 2017 debut via Sub.Mission Recordings quickly tipped the genre's fans and trendsetters to his groovy melodic sound. 2019 proved to be a breakout year for the Indian artist, following a contribution to 3rd Avenue's 'We Are The Future' collection, Evernaya would go on to record several standout projects for label subsidiary Future Avenue, in addition to landing back on 3rd Avenue with a remix of Gavin Rochford's 'Zinc' in 2021. Now stepping up to Sound Avenue for his first appearance, Evernaya puts a groovy twist on Jean Caillou's 'Myst'.

Rounding out the release and also making his label debut is Umannto who provides the lone interpretation of 'Simplon'. For German artist Umannto it was a childhood love for hip-hop culture which led the Stuttgart resident to begin his journey into electronic music production. What began as creating hip-hop, rap, drum and bass and dubstep would eventually lead to producing organic house. Born out of a love for old folk music from the Orient, Balkans and other parts of the world, it was this sound which would see him make his debut in 2021 via Cafe De Anatolia. 2022 would then see Umannto gain further recognition within the genre's trendsetting confines through releases via Sound Avenue affiliate 3rd Avenue and Swedish imprint House Music With Love. Now, adding Sound Avenue to his resume, Umannto caps off the release in style with an emotive rendition of 'Simplon'.

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