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Jay Phonic – Sticky Choir [Inspired By Trees]

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Jay Phonic returns to Inspired By Trees with a new single entitled 'Sticky Choir'. The Swiss artist has been a contributor to the Swiss imprint dating all the way back to their third release. Landing in December of 2018 and backed by a remix from Marc DePulse, Jay's 'Fighter' single was well received and led to the equally impressive 2020 follow-up 'Leaf Blower Swing'. Now continuing to build a bond with the label, Jay returns for a third project alongside remixes from Guzy and Kent Kaina.

Beginning with indistinct vocal edits and stunning effects the original mix immediately grabs your attention. Bouncy kicks and a bed of thumping bass set the foundation for clattering percussion and shape-shifting sonics to work their magic. Void of a primary musical theme, this is production that excels on rhythm and groove, tactfully building into a mysterious break highlighted by ghostly choirs, before smoothly segueing into a buoyant, effects laden finale. Definitely one with a great nose for the dance floor.

Returning to the label and providing the first interpretation of 'Sticky Choir' is Guzy. Having remixed Dole & Kom and Donny Carr for the label in 2020 and 2021 respectively, the Berlin resident has found a comfortable home on the Swiss imprint. Also laying claim to releases on DUNKELHEIT, Underyourskin Records and his own Radikon imprint, Guzy continues to blur the lines between progressive house and melodic house & techno. Now following a remix for MONO.NOISE, the German artist returns to Inspired By Trees with a melodic take on 'Sticky Choir'. The groove opens up for a warmer, more fluid feel from the outset, while effervescent effects emerge and percolate as the main break approaches. The vocal choir dazzles as the centrepiece unfolds, married nicely with timeless melodic fragments and flowing through granular gates, before rising to a gentle crescendo as the beats drop for a trippy yet emotive finale. Smart sounding stuff from Guzy.

The release concludes with Kent Kaina making his label debut and providing the second and final interpretation of 'Sticky Choir'. As a DJ and producer in his home country of Switzerland, Kent has programmed music at Club Schlaflos, Kiste Baden and Raumstation, while landing releases on Paper Jet Recordings and Spectra Recordz. Now making his first appearance on Inspired By Trees, Kent delivers a techno inspired interpretation of 'Sticky Choir'. The tempo shifts up a touch and the vocal elements play a more prominent role across the first act, fading in and out of coherence as striking chord stabs and neatly manicured percussion advance the narrative. A short but tense break does wonders to build anticipation, foreshadowing a second and more emotive interlude which ultimately seals it's brilliance on wards to a thrilling conclusion. A heady remix from Kent which caps off a welcome return for Jay Phonic and a very well rounded release for Inspired By Trees. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3jNTqNN

Release Date: 09-07-2021

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