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GEHØR – Stars [Soundteller Records]

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Deersky's Soundteller Records welcomes GEHOR to the label who presents his first ever release. Based in Norway, GEHOR has been perfecting his craft with inspiration from the organic house, progressive and melodic house and techno worlds. A recent DJ set from an outdoor location in Glomma showcased GEHOR's superb taste and impeccable mixing skills, with a near three hour set comprised of emotional, genre-bending tracks. Now beginning his journey as a producer he steps up to Soundteller for his first ever release entitled 'Stars'.

Comprised of three tracks, it's the smooth, melodic sounds of 'Rigiel' which lead the EP off. Anchored by a warm, well contoured groove, its musical prowess comes up quickly, with cascading arps, sweeping effects and a glowing backdrop setting the narrative. Clustered electronics and choir-like pads initiate the main break, as tasteful modulation rises towards a classy crescendo and blissful finale.

Leaning a bit more towards organic territory is the second selection 'Vega'. Exotic drums and haunting overlays begin the journey, as a mountainous bassline drops and fragmented arps begin to work their magic. Adding even greater depth to the track, GEHOR pulls at your heartstrings with a sentimental sounding break, which perfectly sets up a stripped back drop and whimsical sounding conclusion.

Also sitting nicely in the creative space between organic and progressive house is the EP's closer 'Polaris'. The tempo drops a touch here as warm beats, perfectly sculpted bass and clattering drums unite for a buoyant rhythmic core. Wispy effects and placid pads provide a colourful canopy of sound, splitting moods between emotive and soulful, before a atmospheric break adds just enough tension to spearhead an arp-led finale. It caps off an inspired collection of music from GEHOR, who makes a major statement with his first ever release. Definitely a name to watch going forward. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3xtgRjp

Release Date: 09-07-2021

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