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Hyunji-A – And We Start Again [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Hyunji-A to the label for her debut EP. The Korean artist calls Montreal, Canada home where she is a part of the city's burgeoning nightlife, having DJed at well known venues such as Newspeak and Stereo. Upon making her debut on La Famiglia Recordings in 2020, Hyunji-A has since gone on to showcase her music via 3rd Avenue, Mystique Music, Strangers Beats and Sidra, where she was remixed by label boss AMPISH. Often sitting in the creative space between progressive house, deep house and melodic techno, the Canadian artist's sound continues to evolve and impress. Now stepping up for her first artist EP of the year, Hyunji-A debuts on Dopamine White with 'And We Start Again'.

Spread across four tracks it's the deep and trippy mood of the title selection which leads the release off. Warm beats and rolling bass unite for a powerful yet spacious low end, while spacey effects and clattering percussion add mightily to its mysterious nature. Smooth and serene, an evolving atmospheric backdrop emerges across the first act, gently teasing the senses, before a timely break highlights the soundscape further as poignant tones initiate a glowing finale. 'I See What You See' follows suit with its warm groove and hopeful atmospheres. Robust rhythms carry the rolling foundation while choppy percussion and haunting sweeps trail across the stereo field. Once again emotion is at a premium, as a well-crafted break and poignant tonal theme provide the perfect interlude to precede a nostalgic final movement.

The groovy ethos of the EP continues with the third selection 'Fly Be Free'. It's bulbous kick and shapely underbelly provide a perfect balance of bounce and drive. Arpeggiated rhythms and gaseous textures create a surreal environment as the first act evolves, as emotive chord changes elevate mood leading into the break. Spanning over a minute in length, the centrepiece is a story within the story, slowly melting down to muted tones and ghostly swirls, as heartfelt melodies unite for a gorgeous finale following a commanding drop. The release concludes with 'Life Before Your Eyes' which follows a similar sonic profile but with a greater hypnotic sensibility. Once again, it's a warm, undulating underbelly which lays the groundwork for esoteric musical concepts. Groovy and mystical across the first act, atmospheric swells and fluttery melodies then fade to prominence during a calming break, before ushering in a purring finale. Perhaps the most reflective track on the EP, it proves to be the perfect conclusion to an impressive Dopamine White debut for Hyunji-A. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3wHmM3y

Release Date: 28-05-2021

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