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Holly North – Longing [Stil Vor Talent]

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Up-and-coming talent Holly North steps in with his debut four-track EP on SVT. Having transitioned from a classical training in music towards the hypermodern potentialities of the club sound, “Chosen Sides” exhibits the young Berlin producer’s constant search for instantly impactful melodies and trance-inducing climaxes.

A case of outer spatial melancholy, “Longing” starts off as a slo-hatching roller that aims for nothing but the vastness of greater summits. Reeling out in sustained glissandos and cascades of iridescent synth shades, the track guzzles us in a vortex of wistful grace. “Bridges & Walls” calls in further dynamic waves of keyboard jitter and multi-level machine talk, delayed arpeggios and dubbed-out bleeps blazing from the deeper end up to the sleek surface of its vivid synth tapestries with unrestrained ease.

“Off-Piste” moves the cursor back to a more inward-gazing kind of headspace with its dream pop-inherited buildup, unrelenting swing and laid-back pads oozing a most idyllic late summer vibe. Tracing further downbeat motifs onto a wide-screen electronica lay-out, “In My Head” melds the brittleness of piano with the thunderous power of a bassy storm to come, perfect for when the after needs a bit of a groove tightening without jeopardising its smooth, frictionless raison d’être.

Buy: bit.ly/3mrKjBW
Release Date: 08-10-021


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