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EANP – Stereograms [Replug]

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Rising out of Argentina's electronic underground and making their Replug debut are EANP. Having worked together since 2014, it wasn't until 2018 that Buenos Aires residents Ezequiel Anile and Nicolas Petracca decided to coin the EANP alias for their collaborative efforts. Now firmly established, the moniker has become synonymous with quality progressive music. Continued support from genre tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, along with key releases for Balance Music, Mango Alley and Or Two Strangers have made the Argentinean duo a much in-demand act. Now coming off a remix for Clubsonica, EANP makes a welcome debut on Cid Inc's Replug Records with 'Stereograms'.

Much lauded for their dark yet emotive sounds, EANP continues to explore that marriage on 'Stereograms'. Wrapped within a fluid rhythmic shell are muscular beats, wavy basslines and a myriad of tantalizing effects. The duo's storyboarding takes hold as drone-like guitars meander through a dense percussive forest and multiple shades of light, before opening further as the main break commences. The interlude showcases EANP's propensity for genuine musicality, as evocative harmonies continue to emerge and shapeshifting effects sweep across the stereo field, eventually giving way to a thunderous drop and driving finale.

Travelling further into emotive territory, the release concludes with the heartfelt sounds of Lydia'. On a backbone of commanding beats and chugging bass stabs arrives a storyboard of buzzing synths and metallic rhythms. Juxtaposed to perfection, it's this heady amalgamation of sound which manifests the duo's rugged approach, and ultimately sets the stage for a glowing centrepiece. Ping-pong melodies create a vibrant musical environment, as EANP's trademark dreamy pads breeze in, creating the most tangible moment of bliss on the EP and spearheading a thrilling finale.

In a year that has seen EANP be choosey in their projects, the duo's Replug debut lands at an appropriate time, offering a unique look into two creative minds that continue to evolve and push the boundaries of progressive music.

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Release Date: 07-10-2021

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