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Holland – Solaris [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain continues on a strong summer schedule with a new EP from Holland this week. Hailing from Bosnia and Herzegowina, Ismar Vrbanjac aka Holland made his debut on the Hungarian imprint in September of 2018 with the well received 'Arctic Dawn' EP. Also owning releases on ICONYC and Soundteller Records, Holland now presents his first project of 2019 alongside remixes from Hasith and Loquai.

Beginning with the title track Holland explores a deep, trippy sound that fits the label's ethos beautifully. Warm beats and a fluid groove set the foundation for a wealth of enchanting electronics and chugging rhythms. This is really about flow and it's incredibly pure with an underlying dreamlike quality that quickly wins you over. The companion piece 'Estrella Polar' brings things closer to peak time with an abundance of electric themes. In addition to it's effervescent nature however is a highly emotive break which does resonate on a higher level. Grandiose for a moment before melting down to a cinematic pulse as the groove drops for a powerful finale.

One of the progressive scene's brightest new talents Hasith makes his label debut following an appearance on affiliate Astrowave in December of last year. The Sri Lankan artist has developed one of the purest styles around at the moment and continues delivering great music here with an awesome interpretation of 'Solaris'. This is astral in the best sense of term with a running narrative of trippy effects that sounds wonderfully psychedelic. What generally get's lost amidst such an impressive sonic display is rhythm and groove but this is where Hasith also excels and it's warm, chugging low end is more than enough to rock any dance floor.

The release concludes with scene veteran Loquai returning to the label and providing an excellent interpretation of 'Solaris'. By opening up the groove considerably the Russian born, Germany based artist crafts a mix that comes off deeper and roomier which sits as a perfect complement to it's predecessors. It is Loquai's keen sense of atmospheric storyboarding which makes the mix truly shine, adding a new dimension to it's rolling rhythms and ultimately resulting in a timeless piece of progressive house. It caps off another excellent release for Stellar Fountain who are definitely delivering top notch materiel at the moment. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2XPziff

Release Date: 15-07-2019

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