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Hidden Empire – Signals [Stil Vor Talent]

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Hot on the heels of their 2021-issued sophomore album, "Lost Spirits", German duo Hidden Empire clock back in on SVT with "Signals", their new triple menace of an EP inbound for extensive action across the dance floors this spring and summer. True to the lush and pulsating, stadium-sized vibes that innervate all of their previous outings, this new delivery puts forth the pair's nonpareil knack for weaving ambitious club narratives both intricately conceived and organically enjoyable right off the bat. A new benchmark release for an outfit that withstands the all too overused coinage of "all killer no filler" with this hard-to-resist triplet of natural belters.

Leading the way, the doped-up title-track "Signals" goes straight for the jugular with a raucous, pressurised bass paving the way and steel-clad percussions pulling out bone-obliterating punches from the blue, geared and processed to circuit-blazing efficiency. Subtler in style, "Comoja" trades the all-out nasty robotic swagger of the opener for a more spacious kind of headspace, fusing the syncopated charm of Afro-informed polyrhythmic bursts with streamlined deep house envelopes to elevate each and every molecule of your being into rapturous plenitude. Back to a less ethereal, harder-hitting EBM/Newbeat-ish state of mind, "Alright" wraps up the journey on a hi-NRG, Knight Rider-friendly type of treat, lacing it with soulful vox and church-like choirs that give the track a perfect balance between heavyweight pound and vaporous breaks.

Buy: bit.ly/3IKMytm
Release Date: 01-04-2022



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