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Golan Zocher – Enter / Sandman [Magnitude Recordings]

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Golan Zocher makes his debut on Francesco Pico’s Magnitude Recordings with ‘Enter / Sandman’. Whether paired with sometime studio partner Kamilo Sanclemente or going solo, the Colombia born, Israel based artist always seems to find his tracks in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. It’s a trend that has found him amongst the progressive house elite and now leads him to Pico’s resurgent imprint.

It’s quite easy to marvel at Golan’s pristine production and ‘Enter’ is certainly a sonic joy. Beginning with rich textural designs and a warm, chugging groove it’s a compelling piece from the start. Moving elegantly, crunchy effects evolve into the full frequency range amidst a hazy harmonic bliss, eventually leading to a monumental break complete with astral designs and a build that’s sure to destroy your dance floor. The final act might be the most captivating though, as a collage of effects, processed vocals and percussive flurries converge for several otherworldly moments.

The companion piece ‘Sandman’ is equally impressive, complementing ‘Enter’ with it’s sleeker, more hypnotic qualities. There’s a sound of now in progressive house and this pretty much nails it perfectly. Incredibly rhythmic with fresh design qualities and soft, creamy melodies. There’s generally a trippy nature to most of Golan’s work and this has it in spades, with a stunning effects storyboard and clustered lead theme that dominates the break and third act. There is certainly no ‘b-side’ here as both of these are cuts are works of art, a joy to listen to and certainly primed for dance floor destruction. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2QaFM4Z

Release Date: 01-10-2018

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