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Golan Zocher & Choopie – Fine Twist [Agnosia Black]

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Agnosia Black opens the new year with a much-anticipated single from label boss DJ Choopie and Golan Zocher. The former, based in Israel lays claim to over two decades of production work and releases via long standing imprints such as Bedrock and Yoshitoshi. Meanwhile, Colombian born, Israel based artist Golan Zocher has enjoyed similar success across his five-year career, landing releases via Nick Warren's The Soundgarden, Beatfreak and Clubsonica Records. Having worked together previously on a well-received offering for Sol Selectas, Choopie and Golan partner up once again for 'Fine Twist', alongside a remix from Dmitry Molosh.

Although primarily known for their progressive minded productions, Golan and Choopie lean closer to Indie Dance territory on 'Fine Twist'. Its pulsating groove and buoyant beats are full of contour and character, while tranquil arps and sweeping effects build tension as the narrative takes shape. 80's inspired percussion comes in waves, expertly layered as the main melodic theme flows through emotive chord changes, building momentum towards the break. Sitting at the heart of the journey, the melodic interlude provides a unique contrast of meditative qualities and emotional overtones, gently elevating mood as flurries of drums reach a triumphant apex, summoning the groove for a driving finale.

Making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Fine Twist' is Dmitry Molosh. Coming off his most prolific year to date, the Belarus based artist dominated the Beatport Progressive House charts, racking up thirty discography credits across the twelve months, while seeing continued support from genre tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. With a resume that includes releases via Replug and Sudbeat Music, Dmitry now adds Agnosia Black to his portfolio with a powerful rendition of 'Fine Twist'. Staying true to the positive vibe of the original, Dmitry puts a progressive lean on the track which lands with resounding success. Flickering arps and clattering percussion blanket a warm, key changing groove, as wispy effects and pulsating rhythms add drive and colour. Spanning over two minutes in length, the main break highlights the piece with hopeful melodies elevating mood, before an underbelly of nostalgic arps provides a smooth bridge into a buzzing drop and suitable poignant finale. Concise in execution and timeless in delivery, it rounds out another stellar collaboration for Golan and Choopie, making for a must have release to begin the year for Agnosia Black. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 11-01-2021

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