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Francesco Pico – Smoothie [Balkan Connection]

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Francesco Pico's resurgence continues this week with a new EP courtesy of Balkan Connection. The Dutch artist has re-established himself this year with a string of top releases on Manual Music, MNL, If You Wait and his own Magnitude Recordings imprint. Now making his Balkan Connection debut Francesco presents his 'Smoothie' EP alongside a remix from Nicholas Van Orton.

Becoming increasingly known for his groovy organic creations Francesco once again delivers something special with 'Smoothie'. You can immediately notice a loose, live feel in the groove which already makes for an incredibly satisfying listen. Then come the timeless melodic elements and wonderfully detail percussion, both of which get wonderfully offset with a buzzing low end. Evolving into the break, spacey electronics fill the air for a rather cosmic experience, before effortlessly transitioning back to that irresistible groove. Likely my favourite production of Francesco’s yet this year. The companion piece ‘When Frogs Play the Moog’ is first off amazingly titled and quite apt as well. A nasally acid stab becomes attention grabbing while a complement of melodic colour and sweeping noise fill in the robust framework. Timeless in every sense of the word, this along with ‘Smoothie’ will definitely age well, void of trends and with a sound that will always find a place in the hearts of electronic music fans.

The lone interpretation of 'Smoothie' is provided by Balkan Connection label artist Nicholas Van Orton. The Argentinean producer and BCSA label boss has had one of his best years on record. His groovy style always finds a place on the dance floor and has landed him excellent releases on One Of A Kind and Soundteller Records. Now landing back on Balkan Connection Nicholas provides a sleek reniditon of ‘Smoothie’ which complements the robust, flavourful original perfectly. At almost ten minutes in length it’s an expansive journey highlighted by two key breaks, the first of which kicks the narrative into euphoric territory before ultimately melting down into the main centrepiece for an extended stretch of muted beats and emotive harmonies. Most certainly one of Nicholas’ biggest remixes of the year which in turn caps off one of Balkan Connection’s best releases of the year.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2RK2HVR

Release Date: 12-11-2018

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