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Formel – Cafayate [Replug]

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Cid Inc’s Replug Records ushers in the new year by welcoming Formel to the label. Hailing from the Netherlands, Bas van der Laken and Tom Noah began the Formel project in 2010. Coming from backgrounds of progressive house and techno respectively, the duos unique fusion of styles eventually led to releases on Einmusika and Sincopat, while an outing on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth capped off 2017 perfectly. Now as the new year begins Formel makes their much anticipated debut on Replug with the ‘Cafayate’ EP.

Spread across three compositions the EP begins with its poignant title piece. A warm, rolling groove sets a fluid vibe as neatly tailored percussion and strong rhythmic hooks latch on to the framework. With an anthemic sense building the piece strips down into expansive break, revealing a stronger emotion, as indistinct vocals carry an air of mystery before bright synths and melodic bass swells converge for the ultimate dance floor moment.

The narrative shifts into deeper territory with 'Makalle', with its chunky groove and delicate sonic tapestry. Spine tingling melodies evolve, growing with a reflective air, as hopeful tones add to the chuggy cadence. An elegant transition into the second act proves significant, where ethereal vocals are juxtaposed against slow burning synths for an electric yet tasteful drop.

The third and final selection 'Tiergarten' continues the effervescent sound of its predecessors as pulsating rhythms and ticking percussion sit atop a warm, momentous groove. Drifting effortlessly into the break a vocal storyboard rises, peaking emotional response while working in tandem with fuzzy harmonics, before a smooth re-retry sets the stage for a funky finale.

Formel is continually searching for that perfect combination of melody, drive and percussive flow. It's something they’ve certainly found across this collection, and for what promises to be an incredible year for the duo, ‘Cafayate’ sets the story perfectly in motion.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2rDhh9t

Release Date: 26-01-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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