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Ewan Rill – Soft and Wet [Deepwibe Underground]

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Label stalwart Ewan Rill returns to Deepwibe Underground with a new EP entitled 'Soft and Wet'. The Russian artist and Sever Records boss has been a mainstay of the progressive house underground since first appearing in 2011 with a release on Balkan Connection. Now a decade later he stands as one of the genre's most prolific artists, with a discography of more than 1250 credits and appearances on esteemed imprints such as Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music and Nick Warren's The Soundgarden. Now continuing a great start to 2021, Ewan returns to Deepwibe Underground with 'Soft and Wet'.

Continuing to gain loyal fans with his groovy sounds, it is the title track which leads the release off. Anchored by a warm kick, its buoyant core rises quickly, with pulsating rhythms and layers of percussion filling in the framework. Choir-like pads emerge as the first act evolves, playing of a subversive tonal theme leading into the break. Building tension ever so subtly, the certrepiece works off of tasteful modulation to peak your interest as the beats drop for a meditative finale. 'Excalibur' follows suit with heady hypnotics and a groovy momentous purr. Ewan shows just how powerful the smallest details can be by keeping the framework spacious and understated, thus allowing for arp fragments and wispy effects to make a huge impact over it's seven minute running time.

'Snow Echoes' marks the midway point and goes deeper and more emotive that it's predecessors. Here Ewan builds on the hypnotic tendencies of the EP with more of an ethereal sounding break. Perfectly setup by a deep and groovy first act, the centrepiece comes off quite otherworldly with it's pixie like notes foreshadowing a wonderful display of bass modulation across the finale. Rounding out the release are the deliberate grooves and aquatic intricacies of 'Forget Everything'. Always leaving something to the imagination, Ewan's frayed rhythmic concepts and quirky synth hooks work beautifully with waves of percussion and warm overlays, the latter of which ultimately opens up into an iridescent glow during the main break and heartfelt finale. The most reflective sounding of the four, it sits as ideal piece to cap off a stunning collection of music from Ewan Rill and Deepwibe Underground. An artist and label who roll into the summer season with great momentum.

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Release Date: 14-05-2021

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