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Esteban Ikasovic – Cherry Plum [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Esteban Ikasovic to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist first appeared on the progressive music scene in 2020 with releases on One Of A Kind, Onestar Records and Stellar Fountain. Esteban's smooth, melodic sound quickly established him as one of the genre's top newcomers. Inspired by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J, Esteban is already an accomplished DJ, have played events such as Rewind, Azul Summer Festival, Mojo Olavarria, Henry and Bonsifest, while sharing the booth with well known countryman Facundo Mohr, Marcelo Vasami, Paul Deep, DJ Paul and Sebastian Busto. Now presenting his first release of 2021, Esteban debuts on Dopamine White with the 'Cherry Plum' EP.

Beginning with the title track Esteban presents a stylish blend of melody and flow. Warm beats and a fluid low end power the groove while crunchy rhythms and effervescent effects deliver depth and texture across the first act. Placid pads emerge as the main break approaches, gently elevating mood throughout the centrepiece, before metallic arps provide a spine-tingling bridge into a soaring finale.

'Lost in your Mind' follows suit with an even greater sense of rhythm and drive. Waves of undulating bass ultimately set the course for a compelling contrast between squelchy sonics and blissful atmospheres. Moving forward, spiralling arps fade in and out of the stereo field, eventually giving way to an expansive break. As the centrepiece evolves its trippy landscape captivates with each successive loop, delivering both tension and emotion, before a subtle rise sparks a percussive drop and groovy third act.

The third and final selection 'The Sun of the Mountain Ranges' caps off the EP with a gorgeous reflective vibe. A touch deeper and more restrained than its predecessors, it's a swing heavy groove which sets the course for smooth hypnotic lines and tranquil melodies to work their magic. Atmospheric swells and glistening arps rise at opportune moments as the story unfolds, perfectly setting the stage for a glowing finale. It rounds out a stunning three track offering from Esteban Ikasovic, who makes an excellent Dopamine White debut with 'Cherry Plum'.

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