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Alexiandro – Nightless [Wout Records]

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Wout Records opens the spring season by welcoming Alexiandro back to the label for his debut EP. Born in Sicily but now based on the French Riviera, Alexiandro made his Wout Records debut in December of last year with a contribution to the label's 'Wout Stars Part III'. As a standout on the collection 'Voyage' marked not only the Italian artist's label debut but was in fact his first officially released production. Now continuing to build a bond with the label, Alexiandro returns with a three track showcase entitled 'Nightless'.

Beginning with the title track Alexiandro continues to explore the melodic house and techno sounds which were established on 'Voyage'. Energetic and fluid, punchy beats and perfectly contoured bass stabs unite for a rolling low end. Astral motifs, dramatic pulses and sweeping effects add mightily to the rhythmic core, as layers of percussion build momentum with each successive loop. Reflective atmospheres then take the narrative into a solemn break, eventually melting down to a cinematic calm, before a tasteful build cues a dramatic drop and hypnotic finale.

The second selection ‘Crystal’ finds the Italian artist continuing the peak time narrative set by it’s predecessor. Driving and spacious from the outset, it’s well constructed groove houses a bed of crunchy rhythms and finely tuned percussion. Continuing on a darker path, spiralling arps and cosmic effects complement a set of symphonic overlays leading into the break. Although brief, the centrepiece adds further wizardry with an impressive selection of superbly produced artefacts, perfectly setting up a finale of punishing beats and buzzing synth riffs.

Rounding out the release are the striking sounds of 'Syrus'. The tempo comes up from the previous two selections with a fluid hypno-groove and sultry rhythmic structures leading the way. Highly dramatic throughout, it’s a production that flows through a myriad of astral aesthetics, while timely drops and emerging pads add to its mysterious charm. Cinematic and prophetic in equal measure, the main break melts down to a buoyant arp, building anticipation with each successive loop, before a rush of white noise sparks a suitably large final act. Powerful music from Alexiandro who makes his first EP for Wout Records a highly memorable one. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3gkjBtI

Release Date: 23-04-2021

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