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Esensides – Brenda / Roses [Or Two Strangers]

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Esensides - Brenda / Roses [Or Two Strangers]

The eighth release on Antrim's Or Two Strangers imprint welcomes Esensides to the label for their debut EP. Greek artists Billy Alex & Vaggelis Tasoudis make up the Esensides production duo and began their collaborative project with a release on dPen’s The Last Of Us Music in 2015. Adding carefully to their discography the duo has now showcased their music on Praveen Achary's Juicebox imprint and PHW Elements, while earning continued support from Hernan Cattaneo in the process. Now making their much anticipated Or Two Strangers debut Esensides present their latest studio creations ‘Brenda’ and ‘Roses'.

The duo's deep, progressive minded sound is on full display here, with the lead cut 'Brenda' striking a strong emotional chord. It's intricate and tightly knit framework is crafted to perfection with spacey effects and ethereal melodies converging for the ultimate sonic story. Chunky bass stabs carve out a shapely groove while smooth chord changes and indistinct vocals lift the mood higher as the main break commences. Although short the track's centrepiece is dramatic and direct, dissipating to near silence as billowing plucks summon the groove back for one final rush. 

The companion piece 'Roses' comes in with a more traditional progressive house sensibility. From its rolling groove, hypnotic percussion and dulcet tones there's a mystical atmosphere early. Ethereal vocal phrases set the stage for a more distinct and deeply soulful narrative, flowing with a lovely effervescence all throughout the second act. The second of two breaks is perhaps the record's defining moment with layers of melody and vocals converging in the ultimate harmonic marriage. Two stunning creations from Esensides making for another must have release on Antrim's Or Two Strangers imprint. Don't miss it. 

Buy: http://bit.ly/2sEBvz5
Release Date: 19-06-2017

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