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Erich Von Kollar & Radicz – Kepler-452b [Soundteller Records]

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Erich Von Kollar and Radicz come together for their first ever collaboration on Deersky's Soundteller Records. The former, one of Hungary's best known progressive house artists and also one of the owners and founders of Stellar Fountain. Radicz meanwhile is coming from more of a techno / tech house background with releases on Fixate Records and Rimoshee. This promises to be a fruitful partnership and with remixes from Andre Absolut and Erdi Irmak this is another hugely anticipated release for the Polish imprint.

Decidedly deeper the ' Kepler-452b' original mix leads the release off in fine style. A lot of progressive labels are now embracing deeper sounds and Soundteller has definitely been doing that since their inception. This plods along with a certain effortless laid -back, feel that's very inviting. Simple but charming melodies adorn the framework while a building atmospheric resonance does wonders to advance the storyboard into a heartfelt third act.

Another artist from the golden era of progressive house to emerge recently is Andre Absolut. Perhaps best known for his releases on Baroque Records, Sog Records and Vapour Recordings in the mid 2000s Andre has now returned with recent releases on Mistique Music and Perspectives Digital. The electric energy housed in his older productions is also prevalent today as he injects more of a pure progressive vibe into 'Kepler-452b'. The tempo comes up a touch but it's the rugged synth work and pulsating groove which bring the most fire. Not without emotive moments, melody plays a key role in the narrative, eventually peaking amidst a swirling, key changing third act finale.

The release concludes with one of the progressive scenes most creative remixers in Edri Irmak. Making his fourth appearance on the label the Turkish artist crafts a mix that sits perfectly between the original and Andre's in terms of vibe and intensity. Warm, spacey and fluid it's a very concise and pleasing seven minute journey. It's rhythmic qualities are perhaps best suited to a late night affair but the break does bring some lovely emotion and drama as well. A classy remix from Erdi who which caps off another unique release from Deersky's Soundteller Recordings. Watch for more joint productions from Erich and Radicz in the very near future!

Buy: https://bit.ly/2GezYpN

Release Date: 26-03-2017

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