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Eric Lune – Tantra [Juicebox Music]

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Rising star Eric Lune debuts on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music with ‘Tantra’. The Australian artist first came to our attention in June of last year with a release on Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint. Initially known to some as Kindred, a downtempo/ambient alias in which he spent six years under, earning more than two million streams across YouTube and Spotify, while playing at some of his country’s most prestigious festivals. With the Eric Lune moniker now firmly established the Australian has landed releases on Dopamine Music, MNL and Timeless Moment. With 2019 in full swing Eric presents on his most anticipated release to date in ‘Tantra’.

For an artist who was once grounded in downtempo electronica, Eric has now found a place in the progressive house underground. It’s been a remarkable progression and one which continues on the lead cut ‘Tantra’. There’s a very pure sensibility here, a rhythmic feeling if you will, coupled with remarkably musicality and clever storyboarding. For all of it’s groove, percussive detail and buoyant themes, it is the breakdown which hits home. Incredibly emotional in that cinematic kind of way, and stretching over two minutes in length, with impassioned swells and symphonic overlays converging for moments of perfect sonic bliss. Definitely one to send people home with a smile.

The remaining two selections are equally inspired, adding further depth and variety to the EP. Beginning with 'Snow Pony' we have another highly emotive, almost grandiose slice of progressive house. Much like 'Tantra', Eric's ambient roots really come through in the entire narrative, but most notably the break of course. A story within a story in a sense, it's a two minute jaunt into textural bliss, as layers of melody, ghostly motifs and electronic clusters make for an unforgettable audio collage. It leads perfectly into the EP's closer 'Wooden Bird', which is perhaps the most reflective or hopeful sounding of the three. Highlighted by a warm, pulsating groove, fragmented vocals and strong musical elements, it's free flowing aesthetics are a joy to listen to and make for a heightened emotional sense to round out the EP. In a year where many new artists will make their mark on the progressive music scene, Eric is certainly one that's leading that charge, with fresh, musically inspired productions that come from the heart.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2I2tRHg

Release Date: 11-02-2019

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