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Emmzet, Minor-u & Fabian Schnell – Ostend Story [Triplefire Music]

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The latest release from Ryan Sullivan’s Triplefire Music finds Emmzet returning to the label for a brand new collaborative EP. No stranger to the South African imprint, the German artist is making his fourth appearance which follows up an excellent remix (in conjunction with Chulez) for ‘Flashpoint’ by Matthew Loots. Now beginning his 2019 journey back on Triplefire, Emmzet pairs with Fabian Schnell for ‘Ostend Story’.

Triplefire has always been quite borderless in scope, featuring music that transcends genres and points to a refreshing cross pollination of sounds. Often sitting comfortably in the creative space between house and techno, the label now presents the gritty, highly detailed sounds of ‘Ostend Story’. In a first time collaboration, Emmzet and Fabian combine punchy beats and electric rhythms across a fresh seven minute storyboard. As mounds of bass undulate, growling stabs add grit and character, before eventually melting down into a captivating vocal narrative which highlights the break. Timely modulation and a great sense of restraint adds copious amount of dramatic tension, perfectly setting up an unassuming drop which should garner a massive reaction on a clued up dance floor.

The companion piece finds Emmzet and Fabian teaming up with follow countryman Minor-u who gave us the ‘Barrelhouse’ EP in August of 2018 (also courtesy of Triplefire Music). Here the trio meld elements of progressive house and techno, resulting in the powerful ‘Ashtray’. Not only a delight to listen but full of great dance floor dynamics, it’s charged beats and electric lines set a dramatic mood early, as a crunchy rhythmic core begins to fire. Expertly crafted, the main break takes you further into the cosmos, as sheets of white noise and a haze of astral designs meet in the ultimate sonic apex. Expect a massive reaction from this one as well. A powerful composition from Emmzet, Minor-u & Fabian Schnell, rounding out another cutting edge release for Ryan Sullivan’s Triplefire Music. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Sf74Yw

Release Date: 22-02-2019

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