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Eli Nissan – The Last Poem [Lost & Found]

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Eli Nissan returns to Guy J's Lost & Found Records for the latest installment of their 'Found' series. The Israeli artist has been at the heart of Tel Aviv’s electronic music scene for over two decades. As one of the country’s most highly touted talents, Eli’s rare combination of musicality and dance floor vision has also seen him land releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank Records. Now following a well received EP for Belgium's EDGE, Eli returns to his comfortable home of Lost & Found for the five track artist showcase 'The Last Poem'.

Eli’s affinity for crafting uniquely poignant productions has been evidenced in past gems like 'Liquid Stars' and 'Old Glory Late Romance'. It’s an ethos he continues to explore across this five track collection, beginning with the title selection ‘The Last Poem’. Deep, warm and incredibly inviting, it’s perfectly contoured low end lays the foundation for melodic fragments and glowing pads to unite in a symphony of sound and colour. Powerful and poignant it perfectly sets the stage for the driving, redolent qualities of 'Naked'. Tempo and drive shift up a notch here with a fuller framework and fiery percussive complement. Musically it's incredibly rich, luminous in design with brilliant free flowing textures and a well crafted break to add just the right amount of emotional tension. Performing very well with DJs pre-release is the third selection 'Arpu'. Warm and spacious, it’s roomy framework develops methodically as tranquil themes and timeless electronics converge in a perfect sonic marriage. Otherworldly in nature, the harmonic tension rises ever so subtly across the second act, eventually reaching a tasteful apex as one final drop seals it’s dance floor appeal.

Further diversifying his portfolio, Eli adds a funky flair to the collection with 'White Voodoo'. A storyboard of mallet-like clusters takes centrestage here, flowing through jangly hooks while a buoyant groove and luminous tones provide copious amounts of rhythm and drive. The narrative evolves with a section of broken beats, adding further funk before an energy bridge effortless segues into a purring finale. The release concludes with Eli showcasing a deeper side of his studio repertoire in 'Helium Or Poly'. Perhaps the most esoteric and thus thought provoking piece on the collection, it's misty atmospheres and murky meanderings are something to explore several times over, while it's mild cross cultural lean just adds further mystique to an already stunning narrative. Another inspired creation from Eli which rounds out a monumental collection of music for the Tel-Aviv resident, who by all accounts looks to capture the imagination of even the most discerning electronic music aficionados. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Em87lu

Release Date: 27-05-2019

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