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Echo Daft – The Magic of Nature [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes Dinusha Ranasinghe aka Echo Daft to the label for his debut EP 'The Magic of Nature'. Following his first release in 2018, projects for Guy Mantzur's Plattenbank Records and Soundteller Records quickly made him one of Sri Lanka's top up and coming artists. Now the Colombo resident presents his first productions of 2020 alongside remixes from Fabri Lopez and Teklix.

Beginning with 'The Magic of Nature' Echo Daft explores the deeper spectrum of progressive minded house. Its warm, fluid groove is perfectly contoured, adorned with finely tuned percussion, glistening chimes and subtle shades and tones. Its luminous lead theme comes to full fruition during the main break, veering into emotive territory, before a tasteful arp pulls you back into a meditative state for a spellbinding finale. The companion piece 'Dishonest Horn' follows a similar sonic ethos with a slight lean closer to peak time territory. Sitting at the foundation is a robust, rolling groove, lively rhythms and waves of fiery percussion. Mysterious and mystical from the outset, the piece flows through icy pads and gaseous atmospheres, before a distinctive tonal theme highlights the main break, sparking an exhilarating drop and finale.

The lone interpretation of 'The Magic of Nature' is provided by Fabri Lopez who makes his label debut. Hailing from Villa Mercedes, the Argentinean artist has been hyped as one of his country's top up and coming progressive house producers. Releases on Balkan Connection and Clubsonica Records coupled with support from Hernan Cattaneo highlight his career thus far. Now following a well received single for AMITABHA Fabri debuts on Dopamine While with a groovy interpretation of 'The Magic of Nature'. Adding more of a pure progressive vibe, Fabri reshapes the groove into something much chunkier and more distinct, while catchy arps and clattering percussion fill in the framework. The main theme translates nicely, sitting gently under the surface, before elegantly opening up as the narrative evolves into a classy final act.

The release concludes with Teklix providing the lone interpretation of 'Dishonest Horn'. Much like Echo Daft, Nisal Jay aka Teklix has been touted as one Sri Lanka's progressive new breed, already landing releases on Droid9 and Massive Harmony Records. Now landing on Dopamine White for his first appearance, Teklix rounds out the release with a powerful rendition of 'Dishonest Horn'. The Colombo resident crafts a fuller rendition which appropriately carries more energy and tempo than the original. Its drive quickly becomes infectious, propelled by percussive cadence, twisted arps and phasing noise. Ominous pads rise into the main break, elevating mood, tension and scope before a powerful roll sparks a huge finale. A massive remix from Teklix which caps off another essential release for Nikko.Z's Dopamine White. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/33UlV27

Release Date: 30-03-2020

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