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Dyo Atoma – Mysterio (Just Movement)

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Dyo Atoma - Mysterio (Just Movement)

The latest release on Just Movement welcomes Dyo Atoma to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Russia, Sam Scheme & Jiminy Hop make up the Dyo Atoma production duo and have already showcased their music on Balkan Connection and Massive Harmony Records. Now stepping up for their Just Movement debut the duo present their two track EP entitled 'Mysterio' alongside remixes from Rogier and Difstate.

The release begins with its title and showcase piece which finds Dyo Atoma crafting a warm, fluid journey that fits perfectly into the Just Movement ethos. It's driving groove is adorned with shimmering melodies and soft textural overlays. Progressive to the core, it's emotion is timeless and elegant with subtle shifts in atmopshere lifting the third act to even greater heights. The companion piece 'Dynamica' comes in a touch darker and more hypnotic with the emphasis on rhythm and groove. Almost like a dubbier cousin of the lead it creates a warm, luminous glow as cascading arps and gentle pads elevate the mood. A rougher low end delivers both tension and emotion during the break as the modulation soars before the beats drop. Two gorgeous creations from Jiminy and Sam.

'Mysterio' also gets the remix treatment from both Rogier and Difstate. First up Rogier returns to what would have to be considered his home label for an 18th appearance. The Dutch artist is loved for his warm, flowing grooves and he seems like the perfect choice to remix 'Mysterio'. The melodies get downplayed somewhat in favour of rolling, meditative rhythms which quickly suck you into the core of the piece. Definitely dubbier, the melodic overlays become all the more impactful and justly beautiful as a result. Perhaps one of Rogier's best remixes yet this year.

The second and final interpretation of 'Mysterio' is provided by Difstate who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Dutch artist has a long line of top productions for PHW Elements where his unique take on progressive music has flourished. Here he closes the release out with a gorgeous rendition of 'Mysterio' taking the track into deeper territory. Much like Rogier's it's smooth and a touch dubbier than the original which lends itself to early or late night play and with the remarkable design qualities he's become known for you get charmed by it right away. A gorgeous remix from Difstate which rounds out a great release on Just Movement. Don't miss it.

Buy: btprt.dj/2pM4Upl
Release Date: 22-05-2017

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