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Dynacom & Bodai – Symbiosis [Amitabha Records]

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The debut release on Amitabha Records finds label owners Dynacom and Bodai presenting a collaborative EP entitled 'Symbiosis'. This husband and wife duo created the label as a complement to the more progressive minded Auditen Music, which has been having a wonderful year thus far. Amitabha Records looks to focus on the deeper spectrum of house and electronica, while always keeping soulful sensibilities in mind. The first release does just that and sets a high precedent for the label moving forward.

Beginning with the title cut Dynacom and Bodai explore delicate motifs combined with spiritual vocals and tasteful nature fragments. It's laid back groove becomes irresistible with warm swells adding emotion to the low end while timely atmospheric shifts and energy bridges make for many magic moments along way. The main break is the highlight though, something you could easily listen to for an hour on end during a meditation session. Oddly there is an ambient version included which in many ways is an extension of the break. Deeply emotional and wondrously transcendent music from Dynacom and Bodai.

The companion piece 'Hibrida' comes in a bit more punchy yet equally deep and inviting. Sitting in a similar sonic space it complements 'Symbiosis' perfectly with charming atmospheres, emotive shades and meandering synth work, again melting down to a highly memorable and deeply moving break. it rounds out what is a stunning first release from Amitabha Records and makes Dynacom and Bodai a formidable duo in the world of deep, dreamy house. Looking forward to hearing what comes next. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Ab7UQs

Release Date: 22-10-2018

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