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Dio S – One More Drama [RYNTH]

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Jelly For The Babies newly launched RYNTH imprint closes out 2018 by welcoming Dio S to the label for his debut EP. Fresh off an excellent release for Madloch’s Sound Avenue imprint, the Greek artist has also found a home on Lee Burridge’s Get Weird and Sol Selectas. Following an auspicious beginning in November, RYNTH now further establishes itself as one of the most exciting new deep imprints with a fresh EP from Dio S.

Comprised of three selections it’s the title cut ‘One More Drama’ which gets the proceedings under way. Tight and punchy yet smooth and laid back it’s a piece that carries both hopeful and melancholic qualities. Clanky drums and luminous pads immediately grab your attention as wistful motifs collect around the framework. Coming to full fruition during the second of two breaks, it’s a strummy motif which completes the musical theme, perfectly segueing into a classy finale.

The remaining two selections round the release out, adding further depth and variety, beginning with ‘Gone With The Wind’. Keeping the mid tempo, organic ethos of the release nicely intact the Greek artist explores luminous tones while gradually building a warm, radiant storyboard through tranquil atmospheres and timely vocal elements. A heavy complement of drums keeps it firmly on the dance floor as emotion peaks during a blissful third act. Bringing the tempo down a touch ‘Underwater’ rounds the release out over a concise six minute journey. Meditative rhythms and free flowing atmospherics paint a hazy, emotive sound story which caps the EP off on a reflective note. Dio S has once again shown just how far his production has evolved in recent years, now firmly rooted in the deep house movement while RYNTH sets up what promises to be a very exciting 2019 for the label.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2C86J5f

Release Date: 17-12-2018

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