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Dave C & Goyes – The Soul Brothers [SoulArt Recordings]

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Dave C & Goyes - The Soul Brothers [SoulArt Recordings]

The latest release from SoulArt Recordings finds the label showcasing a split EP from Goyes and Dave C. Otherwise known as Csaba Varga and David Varga, the Hungarian brothers have a long history in progressive music. Amidst much praise, their first collaborative remix was released on SoulArt in June of this year with an excellent rendition of East Cafe's 'Drops In A Downpour'. Now as the summer winds to a close we see a hugely anticipated split EP from Goyes and Dave aptly titled 'The Soul Brothers'. 

Providing two tracks each the release is spread out over four total tracks beginning with 'Melodic Chaos' by Dave C. A punchy, percussive intro sets the track in motion as sweeping effects and piano motifs add a lovely dramatic touch. Cinematic tones further the storyboard during the first of two breaks. It's smooth and exhilarating melodic music that ebbs and flows with several clean transitions along the way to keep things fresh and lively. A brief second break serves to reintroduce the piano, eventually bringing all the melodic elements together for a goosebump worthy finale. The second offering from Dave 'No Backup' comes in a touch lighter with a catchy vocal motif and similarly, soothing synth elements. There is a lot of soul in the tonal theme, not unlike 'Melodic Chaos' but more indistinct in delivery. A short break shifts the energy nicely and resets the track as a new vocal theme enters along with spacey effects for a pure progressive finish.

Meanwhile, Goyes cleverly titled 'Happylepsia' brings more of a broken beat vibe which adds variety and depth to the release. It's shifty cadence is incredibly catchy and once again a unique vocal complement appeases the senses quite nicely. Soft chords and sparkling melodies ultimately lead the track though, particularly during a gorgeous break which effortlessly flows back into staggered beats, bulbous bass tones and neatly tailored percussion for a lovely finale. The release concludes with 'Deep Down' and as the title would suggest it's a subterranean chugger. Brilliantly bright and rhythmic, it's a playful seven minute jaunt with an old school flair. Quite distinctive, it's plonky electronics are a highlight, adding nicely to the tracks overall cadence before stripping down for a dubby, late night inspired finale. It rounds out what is an ambitious and inspired project from two real life brothers who have furthered their bond through progressive music. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2vwjtgu
Release Date: 28-08-2017

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