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D.J. MacIntyre, Michael St. Patrick, FreakyBro – 3-Sphere [SLC-6 Music]

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SLC-6 Music continues a strong summer season by presenting new interpretations of '3-Sphere' by Michael St. Patrick, FreakyBro and label boss D.J. MacIntyre. Hailing from the USA, this trio of SLC-6 regulars have all achieved measurable success in their respective solo careers. As veterans of California's infamous rave scene dating back to the 90's and early 2000's, Michael, Freakybro and D.J. MacIntyre have compiled a bevy of impressive projects for SLC-6 over the last six years, oftentimes finding the creative space between progressive house, melodic techno and psy trance. With D.J. MacIntyre's peak time techno-tinged take on the track first surfacing as part of the label's SIX: Stage-2 collection five years ago, SLC-6 now showcases new interpretations of '3-Sphere' by Michael St. Patrick, Soulmade (AR) and D.J. MacIntyre who presents an updated 'Cosmological' version of the track.

Opting for a melodic dancefloor friendly approach, it is D.J. MacIntyre's 'Cosmological' version which sets the tone for the release. Buoyant basslines and vibrant chord stabs combine for a playful summer-like quality early on, while a wavy acid-tinged arp brings just the right amount of character and tension for an intense yet uplifting finale. Meanwhile, on selection two, San Luis Obispo resident Michael St. Patrick takes a techno-inspired approach, upping tempo and vibe with intense percussive flurries, cleverly co-axed beat patterns and looping vocals for an all out main room assault. Returning to the label for the third and final interpretation is Soulmade (AR) who comes off impressive outings for 3rd Avenue and Droid9. The Argentinean artist brings a timeless progressive vibe to '3-Sphere', complete with well-carved grooves, astral arps and a growling underbelly of thought-provoking effects to round out the release on a prophetic note.

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Release Date: 12-07-2023

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