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Cezar Nica – Arrakis [Dopamine White]

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Nikko.Z's Dopamine White enters the spring season by welcoming Cezar Nica to the label for his debut EP. Romanian artist Cezar Nica began his journey into electronic music as a DJ, organizing and playing events in his homeland and Switzerland, before moving to the Netherlands in 2011 and turning his focus to music production. Fast forward a decade and the Amsterdam resident is in the early steps of his production career, with a first and impressive release landing via Berlin's YOMO Records in November of last year. With two additional releases already notched for 2022, Cezar now adds Dopamine White to his resume with a three-track showcase entitled 'Arrakis'.

Beginning with the title selection, Cesar crafts a robust framework of punchy beats and muscular, well carved grooves. Its rhythmic energy grows quickly, as waves of percussion, striking stabs and sweeping effects add electric drive across the first act. Melodic fragments carry the journey into a captivating break, which is equal parts otherworldly and emotive, building tension as basslines rumble and percussion percolates towards a thunderous drop and driving finale.

Selection two 'Standard Model' continues the peak-time progressive vibes set by its predecessor with voluptuous bass lines and clattering percussion setting the piece in motion. Colourful chord stabs and cosmic effects add to the narrative, creating a meditative state leading into the main break. Expansive and well crafted, the interlude captivates with its timely modulation and striking percussive cadence, smoothly building to a groovy drop and charged finale

The release concludes in fine fashion with the darker monochromes of 'Jupiter Venus and Beyond'. Beginning with perfectly sculpted beats and buzzing rhythms, it's a production that's compelling from the start. Panning percussive arrangements slowly encase the framework, as the low-end shape shifts through rolling contours. Building to a feverish pitch leading into the main break, the narrative then shifts into emotive territory with poignant melodies, roboticized vocals and nostalgic chord changes elevating mood towards a spine-tingling apex. Energetic and poignant in equal measure, it rounds out what is an inspired EP from Cezar Nica, an artist who continues to rise up through the progressive house landscape as 2022 moves forward.

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Release Date: 20-05-2021

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