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Bynomic & Stan Seba – Artifact [Dopamine White]

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Making their label debut, Bynomic and Stan Seba present their Artifact' EP for Nikko.Z's Dopamine White. Based in Switzerland and South Korea respectively, Bynomic and Stan have been occasional studio partners of late. Projects for Future Avenue, Stellar Fountain and Superordinate Music have cultivated a creative bond between the two and have earned them praise from some of progressive music's premiere tastemakers. Now adding Dopamine White to their resume, Bynomic and Stan unveil a two-track showcase for the Greek imprint.

Beginning with the title selection the cross-continental duo carve out a ten-ton kick drum and deep, muscular groove. This floor shaking marriage serves as the vehicle for pixie-like melodies and cinematic soundscapes to work their magic, building effortlessly into a glowing break. Emotive and cosmic in equal measure, the centrepiece delights with its whimsical flair and tasteful modulation, perfectly setting up a thunderous drop and spirited finale.

The release concludes with Talisman' which finds Bynomic and Stan continuing on a similar sonic plane, as low-slung bass stabs and clattering drums set the course for aural enlightenment. Aquatic sounding design delights across the first act with meandering atmospheres and fragmented melodies building a smooth narrative into the break. Much like its predecessor, the centrepiece proves to be enlightening with moments of hope and reflective eventually setting the course for an otherworldly final movement. As the creative synergy between Bynomic and Stan Seba has continued to grow, it led them to Dopamine White where they notch two of their finest productions to date. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3kpDctX

Release Date: 24-09-2021

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