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Julian Rodriguez & Maximo Gambini – Plastic People [Deepwibe Underground]

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Deepwibe Underground caps off the month of September by welcoming Julian Rodriguez & Maximo Gambini to the label for their debut single. Based in Argentina, both Julian and Maximo have achieved measurable success in their respective careers, notching releases on well established imprints such as 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection, Mango Alley, RYNTH and Julian's own Massive Harmony imprint, while also earning support from progressive music's elite guard of DJs. Now coming together for their Deepwibe Underground debut, the duo unveil their latest single 'Plastic People', alongside remixes from Monograph & The Cobb and Alex Konstantinov.

Beginning with the original mix, Julian and Maximo move into pure progressive territory with a warm full groove, liquid-like rhythms and driving percussion. Wispy atmospherics and playful arp fragments advance the narrative as energy continues to build, perfectly setting the stage for a nostalgic sounding break. Warm bass swells and cinematic soundscapes create an otherworldly centrepiece, but the duo wisely pull back for a gentle drop and smooth yet goose bump worthy finale.

Fresh off the June release of their Nopi 'Libido' remix, the dynamic team of Monograph and The Cobb provide the first interpretation of 'Plastic People'. Continuing to stretch their creative wings and build on their studio synergy, the trio unites for a deep, hypnotic rendition that complements the original beautifully. Sitting at the foundation is a thumping groove which perfectly anchors a marriage of ghostly choir-like vocals, wispy atmospheres and effervescent rhythms. Catchy arps fade to prominence as the story evolves, adding a hip swinging mood leading into the break. Surreal and compelling, the centrepiece feels enormous with it's cavernous scope and panning sonics, eventually letting loose as the beats drop for a thunderous conclusion.

Returning to the label and providing the second and final interpretation is Deepwibe Underground artist Alex Konstantinov. Also finding a home on affiliate -102C, the Russian artist goes for a slightly tougher vibe which aligns nicely with the previous two selections. Punchy kicks and a more pronounced groove give it a menacing quality at the outset, but a series of emotional chord changes lightens the mood leading into the break. Alex really goes for it here with a vibe that is equal parts cinematic and poignant. Layers of glowing textures merge with tasteful effects and panning strums for some gorgeous moments, but keeping things on the right side of cool the drop is restrained and stripped, allowing the framework to slowly build back up to a percussive finale. An expansive ten minute journey from Alex which rounds out an excellent Deepwibe Underground debut from Julian Rodriguez & Maximo Gambini. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 24-09-2021

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