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Billion Watchers – Metal and Wind [Polyptych]

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Following on from the success of Pentaptych, Vol. 9, Polyptych welcomes Billion Watchers back to the label for a new EP. Russian artist Andrey Bogdanov has compiled an impressive resume since unveiling his Billion Watchers alias in 2020. Polyptych has the distinction of showcasing Andrey's first ever Billion Watchers release in 'A2Man', a track which featured on the label's popular 'New Talents & Friends' series. Also finding a home on Balkan Connection, Sound Avenue, Stellar Fountain and The Purr; Billion Watchers now finds his way back to Polyptych for a new artist showcase entitled 'Metal and Wind'.

Picking up on the organic themes Billion Watchers has become loved for is title selection 'Metal and Wind'. Beginning with spongy beats and creamy tonal motifs, it's an underlying growl which serves as the vehicle for a quirky lead theme. Youthful and unique, it's catchy nature plays perfectly over emotive chord changes and flickering percussion, before eventually giving way to glassy effects as the framework strips down into the main break. Tense but tasteful modulation makes for a memorable interlude, sure to captivate a dance floor while being concise enough to keep that rhythm locked.

More enigmatic yet is the companion piece 'Navigator', a creation which finds Billion Watchers etching towards a lighter monochrome. Breakbeat rhythms and ghostly vocal phrasing provide a captivating narrative leading into the groove's full reveal, which lands past the four minute mark. An epic mood setting excursion which breaks into nostalgic musicality, wavy rhythms and a goosebump worthy finale. Also included is a 'Melodic House Focus' version of the track which carries the same amazingly distinctive themes laid out over a slightly tougher and more direct groove, while a grandiose break not only seals it's brilliance but propels the track to a finale of free-form instrumentation. Sensational music from Billion Watchers who makes an impressive return to Polyptych with two tracks rich in spirit and allusion. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3LMJRux

Release Date: 23-09-2022

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