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Baya – Ethereal [Movement Limited]

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Continuing to add new talent to their roster, Tash's Movement Limited welcomes Baya to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Brazil, Rômulo Brígido aka Baya has been crafting an emotive brand of electronic music from his Rio de Janeiro studio for the better part of a decade. A contribution to Sprout's popular 'Passion' series in 2019 would set the course for a steady rise across the next four calendar years, with stops on Armada, Sony Music, The Purr and Nick Warren's The Soundgarden. His far-reaching sound has found favour with a wide assortment of top international DJs as well, with D-Nox, Lane8, and even David Guetta championing his music. With 2024 beginning with a well-received remix of 'Flying' by Jelly For The Babies, Plecta and Eleonora, Baya now adds Movement Limited to his resume with a two-track showcase entitled 'Ethereal'.

The title selection 'Ethereal' sets the tone for the release with a strong rhythmic swing and charming musicality. Enchanting tones and emotive pads layer warm grooves and exotic percussion early on, in turn creating a superb club-effective mood. Lively rhythmic lines and shapeshifting arps work together in creating a smooth yet energy inducing cadence leading into an emotive break, perfectly setting up a rushy build and soaring finale.

The release concludes with 'Guide the Way' which sits as an equally emotive counterpart to its predecessor. Warm key-changing basslines and punchy beats lay the foundation for clattering percussion and clustered melodies, making for a supremely captivating start. Deconstructed vocals and panning sonics build and percolate across the first movement, before the vocal comes to full fruition across a heartwarming break to round out the release on a feel good note.

Buy: http://tinyurl.com/4trww674

Release Date: 16-02-2023

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