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Apocrypha – Endless Roads [Dreamers]

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Federico Monachesi unveils his new Apocrypha alias with a stunning EP via Fernando Ferrerya's Dreamers. Hailing from Tucuman, the Argentinean artist has been a beloved figure of the progressive house underground since making his debut in 2007. Always an artist who chooses his projects wisely he now embarks on a new journey with Apocrypha.

This new alias only further cements how close deep dreamy house and progressive house have become. Not in sound necessarily but in association as the two sonic blueprints do partner very well together. Federico has gotten this new project off to a great start with three breathtaking tracks, beginning with the title cut 'Endless Roads'. Warm and inviting from the outset, it's punchy beats anchor a spacious yet remarkably fluid groove, while organic percussion and a hazy atmospheric overlays add depth and emotion. Poignant tones soon pierce the air, adding melancholic moods, that while wistful are still spiritually uplifting, making for a sublime slice of melodic house that is sure to capture the imagination of your dance floor.

The second selection ‘Ucu Forever’ is equally brilliant with warm harmonics, strummy themes and ghostly vocal sweeps coming together for a gorgeous combination of colour and sound. Tastefully subtle, it’s emotive prowess is still undeniable, particularly during a scaled back second act where all the elements breathe, before finally melting down to that perfectly constructed groove. Magical stuff from Federico.

The release concludes with 'Landing' which would have to be considered the most melodically rich composition on the release. Perhaps a touch less distinct than it's predecessors, there's a wonderful charm in those lazy themes as the textural layers come incredibly well crafted. Reflective in mood it caps a hugely successful debut for Federico's Apocrypha alias, one which highlights this new sonic direction and points to a bright future for the talented Argentine. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/30BZPzl

Release Date: 27-05-2019

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