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Allies for Everyone – Allies for Everyone [ICONYC]

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John Johnson’s ICONYC welcomes Allies for Everyone back to the label for his debut artist album. New York based producer Brian Suarez aka Allies For Everyone would have to be considered one of ICONYC’s primary artists at this point. Since making his label debut just over two years ago, Brian has gone on to appear on the American imprint eight times, most recently with his Rafael Cerato colab 'Hunger'. Now, following a release for Einmusika, Allies for Everyone lands back on ICONYC with his first ever artist album 'Allies for Everyone'.

Comprised of eleven distinctive and equally excellent creations, it is the deep, nourishing sounds of' 'Beginning' which sets the tone for the album. Instantly intriguing, its tantalizing arps and warm vocal phrasing provide the perfect prelude to 'Invisible'. As the album's first dance track, Allies for Everyone flexes his creative muscles with heartfelt vocals and colourful melodies setting the stage for selection three 'Takes All Kinds'. Originally released as a single on ICONYC earlier this year, its warm voluptuous grooves, meticulously manicured percussion and heartfelt vocals proved to be hugely memorable at the time and now sits as one of the album's standout pieces. Energy and emotion continue to rise on selection four, the trance-inducing 'Wraith', where Brian continues to survey emotive narratives with soulful vocals and electric lines that are sure to light up your dance floor. The aforementioned 'Hunger' is next, a joint production with French artist Rafael Cerato, where fluttery vocal gates and machine gun rhythms set the stage for symphonic themes to deliver yet another impactful message.

The striking 'Roads' marks the album's halfway point with a strong vocal narrative and sturdy club groove, perhaps most memorable though is a goosebump worthy break which not only breathes remarkably well but in turn delivers a tasteful drop and elegant finale. The collection's second joint production finds Allies and Miyagi combining their extensive forces on 'Golden'. Here the cross continental duo craft a breathtaking dancefloor excursion by juxtaposing silky smooth vocals over fragmented arps and elastic-like grooves. This heartfelt five-minute journey smoothly segues into the organic-tinged 'Slip', a mid-tempo piece complete with esoteric vocals and lazy Sunday afternoon grooves. Meanwhile, 'Last Sound' returns to the dance floor with more of a nostalgic feel as dusty percussion flickers through misty textural refrains, while melancholic vocals paint a wondrous bucolic landscape. The arp-tastic 'Like a Child' lands as one of the collection's most direct creations, taking straight aim at your pleasure centres with an inviting array of melodic colour. A touch reflective in mood, it aptly sets up the collection's closer 'Way Out'. Evoking a utopian style ecstasy this Mononoid joint production plants gentle flurries of serotonin throughout, ultimately putting a cap on an impressive debut long-player from Allies for Everyone. Highly recommended. 

Buy: https://bit.ly/3smvcwZ

Release Date: 21-10-2022

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