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Alex Nemec and Eleven Sins – Intacto [ICONYC]

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John Johnson’s ICONYC begins the new year by welcoming Alex Nemec and Eleven Sins to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively the duo made their collaborative debut just last week on Overload Records with ‘Land Of Dreams’. Now making their first appearance on ICONYC, Alex and Eleven Sins present the two track ‘Intacto’ EP.

Beginning with ‘Kitchen Sink’ you get a sense that this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership between Alex and Eleven Sins. With no shortage of creative synergy, the duo craft a quirky dance floor inspired number that sits comfortably in progressive music’s modern space. A set of rippling bass tones provide a hearty anchor while buzzing stabs, flickering electronics and a healthy percussive complement push momentum into the break. Ethereal vocal wails further expand the narrative, gently shifting the mood into the more introspective, before a percussive build reignites the groove for a powerful finale.

The companion and also title piece ‘Intacto’ comes in a bit more traditional with it’s fluid groove and timeless chord changes. It’s warm, inviting and delightfully melodic top end gets off set with a rugged rhythmic core and uniquely tailored percussion, the latter of which provides copious amounts of drive. Ethereal phrases shift energy into a more melodious section as clustered electronics pan with free form intentions before a celestial break seals it’s serene beauty. A gorgeous piece of music from Alex and Elevens Sins which makes them one of the more exciting duos as the year begins. Needless it’s to say a great start to 2019 for ICONYC with these two gems getting it underway in fine fashion.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2rES7Df

Release Date: 14-01-2019

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