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Alex Konstantinov – Fjord [Deepwibe Underground]

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Label artist Alex Konstantinov returns to Deepwibe Underground with the much anticipated 'Fjord'. Hailing from Saint-Petersburg, the Russian artist has found a comfortable home on the Russian imprint, having delivered two remixes since making his debut in May of this year. Continuing this fruitful partnership Alex and now presents his first single for Deepwibe Underground alongside remixes from Teleport-X, The Loco & Joono, Division One and Home Shell.

Beginning with the title selection Alex crafts a smooth yet powerful slice of progressive house. On a bed of warm beats and pulsating bass stabs, comes effervescent percussion and cosmic sounding arps. Haunting and poignant in equal measure, it’s the break which brings the greatest emotional response. Carefully constructed, it's cascading instrumentation is striking, set against a hazy atmospheric backdrop, before getting washed away in a percussive build and a finale of bulbous chord changes.

Providing the first remix and returning to the label is Teleport-X. The Buenos Aires resident has had a standout year highlighted by releases on BC2, Droid9 Limited and Polyptych. For his 'Fjord' interpretation he reworks the groove a touch for a fuller and smoother approach, while the main arp and vocal overlay unite for a placid narrative. Taking things further into atmospheric territory, the break showcases the lead melody against those otherworldly sounding vocal wails, as muted beats and rumbling basslines rise gently towards a classy re-entry and heartfelt finale.

Next up and no strangers to the label are The Loco who returns for his fifth appearance alongside Joono who makes his second appearance. Fresh off the release of their 'Goodbye' and 'Magnetism' EP's respectively, the duo provides a complementary interpretation of 'Fjord'. The tempo shifts down a touch and the framework opens up for a deeper, more spacious take on the track. Acidic rhythms and arpeggiated spirals sit atop the rumbling framework, before leading into a break complete with mind bending bass modulation and a trance inspired melody which ultimately makes for a spirited conclusion.

Making his third appearance on the label and providing the next interpretation is Division One. Known for sitting in the space between progressive house and trance the Polish artist crafts a smooth, uplifting rendition of 'Fjord'. The main themes are downplayed wonderfully here, deconstructed into a wall of colourful harmonics across the first act, before a less distinct take on the lead theme resonates across the break. Success is achieved through it's atmospheric narrative, with sweeps overlays carrying the track as looping vocals blanket the pulsating groove.

Rounding out the release and making his label debut is Home Shell. A string of releases on Figura Music got his career off to a great start in 2019 with 2020 releases via Polyptych and Saudade Records furthering his dynamic sound. Now landing on Deepwibe Underground, he provides an electric interpretation of 'Fjord'. Drifting further away from the original more than any of the previous mixes this is a great addition to the release. Tighter and crunchier in design, it's tough framework, charged rhythms and percussive flurries make for an epic first act. The narrative shifts as the main break begins to take shape with hopeful atmospheres and astral effects eventually giving way to the glorious lead melody, before smoothly shifting energy into a darker more rhythmic finale. A favourite amongst DJs pre-release, it rounds out a successful return to the label for Alex Konstantinov who delivers one of his most powerful singles to date. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2H5zyEY

Release Date: 02-11-2020

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