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Aeikus – Talk About Stars [Clubsonica Records]

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Clubsonica Records continues its 2018 journey by welcoming Aeikus to the label for his debut appearance. Hailing from Brazil, Athos Araujo aka Aeikus has enjoyed much success in the tech house arena with releases on Dear Deer and 5uinto Records. Now starting a new chapter in his production journey, Athos unveils his new alias 'Aeikus' with a his 'Talk About Stars' EP alongside a remix from Ethereal Mist.

Spread across four tracks the EP begins with its title and showcase piece 'Talk About Stars'. On a backbone of tough beats and romping bass tones comes indie-like vocals and melancholic atmospheres. Charming and esoteric in equal measure the piece transfers energy into an airy break, allowing the vocal narrative to evolve before melting down for a powerful drop and third act of siren-esque motifs. Diverse and deadly, this is a great start for Aeikus.

The second selection 'Ecoar' shows a darker, grittier side of the Aeikus studio repertoire. Rugged beats set the piece in motion as a subterranean groove and tight percussion encase the framework. Ominous synths and devilish sweeps advance the narrative, eventually stripping down into an expansive break. Clocking in at nearly two minutes the centrepiece takes you on an emotive journey, culminating with trailing effects and percussive spirals giving way to the mammoth groove for a strong finish.

The lone interpretation of 'Ecoar' is provided by Ethereal Mist who returns to Clubsonica for his fourth appearance. His contribution to the label's MMW Sampler from March proved to be his most critically acclaimed production to date and he continues to be one of Colombia's top electronic music talents. Here he takes ' Ecoar' into deeper, progressive territory complementing the original wonderfully. It's undulating groove and dark stabs set a brooding foundation before tantalizing arps add a lovely hypnotic quality. Drawing on the emotion from the original, smooth chord changes highlight the main break before an exhilarating energy bridge leads to a purring finale.

The release concludes with 'Espetacular' which finds Aeikus upping the tempo for a vivid eight minute affair. Dark and dramatic from the outset, a cross cultural motif rises, complemented perfectly by ghostly vocals and airy atmospherics. Grating synths make for a tension filled break as a wave of sonic decay reignites the groove for a storming finish. Something devilishly dark to round out what is a stunning debut EP from Aeikus, definitely an artist you're going to be hearing a lot about in the near future.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2rkdonf

Release Date: 11-05-2017

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