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Abity – Sinerxia | Lotus [Clubsonica Records]

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Clubsonica Records opens the spring season by welcoming Abity to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Argentina, José Duque and Bruno Signorelli make up the Abity production team. The Rosario natives have been collaborating and creating their brand of progressive music for well over a decade. Laying claim to a discography of close to 150 credits, the Nick Warren favourites have showcased their music via Roger Martinez's Higher States, Antrim's Or Two Strangers and Proton's Particles. With 2022 beginning with a well-received EP for Golden Wings Music, Abity now makes their Clubsonica debut with 'Sinerxia | Lotus', alongside remixes from Zankee Gulati and Mass Digital.

Drawing on a variety of smooth rhythmic concepts, the EP begins with 'Sinerxia'. On a backbone of warm beats comes mounds of perfectly contoured bass and a lively percussive cadence. Fluid and buoyant in equal measure, an evolving atmospheric glow encases the framework, as vibrant arps and effervescent effects unite in a perfect sonic marriage. The narrative shifts as emotive chord changes initiate the main break, with buzzing sonics and processed guitars gently rising alongside wavy motifs as the beats drop for a spirited finale. The companion piece 'Lotus' continues the progressive minded vibes of its predecessor. As the journey commences delicate arps and spacey effects sit atop a mountainous groove and rolling rhythms. Balmy overlays and percolating effects elevate mood as the first act evolves, perfectly setting the stage for buzzing lines to push momentum into the break. Furthering its emotive appeal, the centrepiece melts down into a heartfelt melody; reflective in nature, the cascading theme delivers impassioned moments, perfectly setting up an understated drop as the groove gallops towards a stirring final movement.

Making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Sinerxia' is Zankee Gulati. Based in Australia, the progressive music phenom has enjoyed a steady rise since first emerging in 2017. Highly regarded imprints such as Mango Alley and The Soundgarden have served as landing spots for Zankee's groovy sound, while genre tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J have championed his work along the way. Having capped off a successful 2021 with a contribution to Plattenbank's 'Secrets #7' collection, the Sydney resident now adds Clubsonica to his resume with a gorgeous take on 'Sinerxia'. Taking inspiration from the original, Zankee flexes his free-thinking muscles and crafts a version that lands comfortably between the surreal and exotic. Neatly manicured percussion and a creamy, hip-swinging groove set the course for a transcendent lead theme, which ultimately highlights the journey. Coming to full fruition across the second of two breaks, tension rises through tasteful modulation, while never letting go of its tranquil vibration, pushing onwards to a glowing finale.

The release concludes with Mass Digital making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Lotus'. Highly regarded in the world of organic house, the Serbian artist boasts an impressive discography highlighted by releases via Akbal Music, All Day I Dream, Hoomidaas, Sol Selectas and TRYBESof. As a favourite of Above and Beyond, Lee Burridge and Hernan Cattaneo, Mass Digital now makes his Clubsonica debut with a stylish rendition of 'Lotus'. From warm, rhythmic beginnings comes redolent themes and heartfelt sonics. Gentle flutters build and atmospheres emerge, perfectly setting stage for joyous strings which ultimately lead into the break. A spoken word narrative and dulcet piano add nicely to the journey as the centrepiece evolves, before smoothly segueing into a finale which is sure to send people home with a smile. It's this tasteful amalgamation of grandiose themes which proves most captivating perhaps, touching the listener with moments of hope and reflection, as a bed of dusty beats and organic percussion translates that message to the dancefloor. A touching interpretation from Mass Digital, which rounds out a memorable Clubsonica debut for himself, Zankee Gulati and Abity. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 29-04-2021

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