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Yubik & Mark Höffen – Noise In Between [Radikon]

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As another year slowly passes by we would like to take a moment to step back and thank all of you who have been supporting our beloved 'Radikon' over the course of the last years. 2022 has been kind to us and our artists, we worked together with emerging talents, longtime friends as well as former idols who now are part of our constantly growing menage. We're fully motivated and optimistic to expand this project of ours to new heights in '23!

What else is there to say when we can show our gratitude in form of our upcoming annually Reto compilation. We curated the finest of the finest for your year's end listening pleasures. Jonas Saalbach opens up this round with a trancy hymn featuring the ever glowing voice of SANDHAUS, followed by Arude's spotless Yinning and Yanning between hard grooves versus carefully placed melody patterns. Munich's Yubik delivers another melancholic masterpiece together with Mark Hoffen, escorted by the man Guzy himself who plays the Klaviatur of wide range noisy leads in a flawless dancefloor sharpshooter. Naeiiv states a confession of a 'Blank Mind' with a track loaded with big room arps and warm pad structure. 2022's Reto conclusion is delivered by Tantum with a classic rave machine that will keep floors vibing long after midnight.

Buy: bit.ly/3WhsWE8
Release Date: 15-12-2022



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