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Yashar – Aphrodite / Mandinga (Remixed) [Dopamine White]

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Nikko.Z's Dopamine White presents new interpretations of Yashar's 'Aphrodite' EP. Released in April of 2020, the four-track collection showcased the Iranian artist's progressive sound, eventually leading to his second Dopamine project, the 'Chronos' EP which landed in July of the same year. 2021 has yielded further successes for the Tehran resident, with the release of his 'Le Chat Persan' EP via Freegrant Music. Now as the year approaches its halfway mark, Dopamine White revisits the 'Aphrodite' EP with new interpretations from Rich Curtis, NOIYSE PROJECT and Sohrab G.

The lone interpretations of 'Aphrodite' are provided by Rich Curtis who makes his label debut following appearances on parent label Dopamine Music. Also laying claim to releases on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music, Flow Vinyl and Proton Music, the Australian artist has remained at the forefront of the progressive movement since first appearing in 2010 with a release on Cid Inc's Replug Records. Now following a remix for Univack Records to begin the year, Rich makes his Dopamine White debut with two renditions of 'Aphrodite'. The first, aptly titled 'Charybdis Reprise' finds Rich crafting a heady yet emotional six-minute excursion into warm swells, icy soundscapes and rich textures. Dramatic and poignant in equal measure, it's a two-minute centrepiece which slowly sucks you into its emotional reservoir of sound, before tastefully segueing into a finale of nostalgic chord changes. Meanwhile, Rich's main mix focuses on the dance floor with dynamic beat layering, muscular grooves and neatly manicured percussion. Growling swells provide a unique emotional response as the narrative shifts into the main break, subtly building through timely modulation and tension filled overlays which perfectly set up a dark drop and groovy finale.

The first interpretation of 'Mandinga' is provided NOIYSE PROJECT who returns to the label for his second appearance. The Sri Lankan artist has been touted as one of his country's fastest rising progressive acts. Upon making his debut in September of 2018, NOIYSE PROJECT haa gone on to showcase his music via Nick Warren's The Soundgarden, 3rd Avenue, BeatFreak Limited, Droid9 and Proton's Particles. Now following an EP for onedotsixtwo, NOIYSE PROJECT makes a welcome return to Dopamine White with a powerful remix of 'Mandinga'. Tougher than the original, its bulbous framework is offset with crunchy rhythms, growling stabs and effervescent effects. Striking percussion adds further pace to the groove, while it's melodic narrative slowly draws you in. Reaching the main break, it is a storyboard of fragmented notes and sensory saturating effects which unite for spine tingled moments, perfectly setting up a thunderous drop and emotive conclusion.

The release concludes with Sohrab G making his label debut and providing the second and final interpretation of 'Mandinga'. Hailing from Tehran, Sohrab first appeared on the progressive scene in 2016 with releases on 3rd Avenue and Soundteller Records. The next four years saw Sohrab continue to work on his craft, landing key projects with Lonya's Asymmetric Recordings, Balkan Connection and Stellar Fountain. Continuing to push his unique melodic sound, Sohrab steps up to Dopamine White with a gorgeous rendition of 'Mandinga'. Fluid rhythms, driving percussion and hazy harmonics set the course for this enchanting journey. Mounds of perfectly contoured bass roll forward with momentous swing, as emerging atmospheres and electric lines smoothly shift energy into a dramatic break. Tense yet hopeful, the centrepiece furthers the poignant narrative with a rising wave of melody and colour, eventually giving way to the voluptuous groove for a charged finale. A classy interpretation from the Iranian artist, which caps off a welcome remix edition for Yashar's 'Aphrodite' EP. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 18-06-2021

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