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Wally Lopez – All Has Changed [ICONYC]

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John Johnson's ICONYC enters the month of December by welcoming Wally Lopez to the label with 'All Has Changed'. The Spanish artist has been a fixture of the electronic underground for over two decades, having travelled the world showcasing his DJ skills while also landing releases on Beatfreak Recordings, Selador and Toolroom. Now following an episode of the label's ICONYC TV showcase, Wally presents his first single for the US imprint alongside remixes from Teenage Mutants and Mononoid.

Known for his tough yet musical creations, Wally continues to explore this unique combination on 'All Has Changed'. Dark and dramatic from the outset it’s DJ friendly intro is complemented with tension filled percussion and a bubbly arp. Smooth chord changes bring an emotional slant to the narrative, all while keeping a slow burning tension. The mood shifts further across a well crafted break, balancing the emotive and surreal, before a quick flurry sparks a dynamic drop and smooth finale.

Making their ICONYC debut and providing the first interpretation of 'All Has Changed' are Teenage Mutants. The German duo has been showcasing their unique take on techno for the better part of a decade. Releases on Beatfreak, Octopus, Stil Vor Talent and Suara sit as discography highlights leading up to their ICONYC debut, where they provide a rousing rendition of 'All Has Changed'. The tempo comes up to a brisk 128 BPM and the energy is certainly palpable. The dark ethos of the original translates well and with a tighter rhythmic core this is clearly geared for peak time play. Much like the original the break follows an emotive yet esoteric storyboard, before elegantly peaking as devilish effects and a wave of noise usher in a driving conclusion.

Rounding out the release are ICONYC label artists Mononoid who now make their fifth appearance on the New York based imprint. It's been a banner year for the Netherlands based duo, highlighted by releases on Beatfreak, Dear Deer and Movement Recordings. Always creative remixers, Andy and Igor venture a bit further away from the previous two mixes with a tough yet atmospheric rendition. Beginning with tight beats and astral motifs, it’s spacey appeal quickly captures your imagination. Waves of icy synths descend over the framework, building in scope with each successive pass, eventually giving way to the main arp as the break melts down to the effects laden groove once more. Moving and psychedelic in equal measure, it rounds out and other excellent release for ICONYC, who appear to be finishing off the year quite strong. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/37Uxs3b

Release Date: 02-12-2019

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