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Volkan Erman ft. Abre – Opposite Poles [Emotional Content Recordings]

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The latest release from Nick Lewis' Emotional Content Recordings finds Volkan Erman returning to the label for a new single entitled 'Opposite Poles'. The Turkish born, Italy based artist has been a staple of the progressive underground for seven years and has earned the support of Hernan Cattaneo and Cid Inc. Now fresh off releases for Beatfreak Limited, Dynamica, ICONYC and Elastic Dimension, Volkan lands back on Emotional Content alongside remixes from Findike, Franzis-D, Askin Dedeoglu, Following Light and Gabriel Filip.

Known for creating a broad spectrum of styles under the progressive music umbrella, Volkan teams up with vocalist Abre for 'Opposite Poles'. Decidedly peak time, it's a production which captures your imagination from the outset. Pacey and fluid, it's electric vibe is both intense and euphoric, building with a veteran's flair across a concise seven minute journey. Pulsating beats, spacey arps and an array of sonic artefacts lay the foundation for Abre's breathy vocals to work their magic. Not prominent by any means, they offer more of an otherworldly feel, almost ghostly in process and perfectly playing off the colourful audio collage which surrounds them. A stunning creation from Volkan and one which Abre adds mightily to, so let's hope we see more from this creative duo in the near future.

Also included on the release are six remixes which offer a variety of different approaches to make what is a well rounded package. First up Findike stays relatively true to the main themes from the original with the tempo and electric qualities keeping it firmly on a main room dance floor. The vocals do get an excellent chance to breathe during the break, which shows what a unique character and beauty they have. It's merely an interlude though, dialling tension down for a moment before ushering in the groove for a storming finale.

Next up Franzis-D delivers a similar version but with a sparser framework which places more of an emphasis on the galloping groove below. The vocal gets wonderfully processed and fragmented across much of the track before become fully realized during the second of two breaks.

This leads nicely into Askin Dedeoglu's version which is perhaps the most creative of the six. The Elastic Dimension boss lowers the tempo and opens up the framework for a rugged yet still slightly spacey version that's sure to satisfy the more astute dance floors out there. The vocals breathe beautifully against it's character rich foundation, while a band of wispy effects fade in and out of the stereo field, creating a gorgeous sonic environment.

One of the progressive scenes hardest working artists Following Light is up next. This mix was featured in our Hype Chart selections last week and again does offer something slightly different than the previous versions. A touch punchier and less euphoric, it relies on it's tough foundation and fiery rhythmic core to fuel what is tension filled journey.

The release concludes with Gabriel Filip making his label debut and turning in a gorgeous interpretation. Fresh off heading up the first Airland Music release three weeks ago Gabriel brings the tempo down a touch here for a groovy yet highly emotional take on the track. The break stands out, almost cinematic in nature and perfectly story-boarded for maximum emotional response when the vocal cuts through the atmosphere. A top remix from Gabriel which not only makes for a great debut on the label but rounds the release out on a strong note. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2VzHdMD

Release Date: 14-05-2019

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