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Various Artists – Unique Series IV (4th Anniversary) [Golden Wings]

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Golden Wings Music celebrates its fourth anniversary with a new edition of its 'Unique Series'. The critically acclaimed compilation series has long delivered some of progressive music's most memorable tracks. Dating back to the inaugural edition which launched the label in May of 2014, we’ve seen Dmitry Molosh, Rich Curtis, Marc Poppcke, MUUI, Michael A, Madloch, Simos Tagias, Silinder and more all deliver quality material for the series. Now embarking on the fourth installment Golden Wings invites Amber Long, Ozgur Ozkan, Dark Soul Project, Jelly For The Babies, Cream & Deep Fog and Eli Spiral to contribute to this very special anniversary and holiday edition.

Canadian artist and Modern Agenda label boss Amber Long gets the collection underway with ‘It’s on Like Donkey Kong’. Setting a tone for the entire release, Amber works astral effects and esoteric vocal elements over a driving, progressive minded foundation. Dark and crunchy at points yet warm and inviting at others, it’s a piece which gradually opens up your pleasure centres with atmospheric swells and dulcet themes dominating a highly memorable and incredibly effective break. Next up and making his label debut is Ozgur Ozkan with his latest studio effort ‘San Telmo’. The Turkish artist crafts a dark, introspective piece which carries you on a deeply moving, thought provoking journey. Billowing tones coupled with devilish electronics and a tension filled resonance highlight what is masterfully crafted break, ultimately leading to a twisted finale. No stranger to Golden Wings is Dark Soul Project who returns for his second appearance. The Argentinean artist and We Are The Underground label boss delivers a timeless slice of progressive house in ‘Heart & Soul’. Energetic and driving from the outset, it’s momentous pulse becomes infectious as radiant pads and catchy vocal hooks elevate the mood into the main break. A strong tonal theme then advances the narrative, gradually opening up as a wave of noise sizzles once the beats drop. Up next and making his label debut with ‘Spaced Out’ is Jelly For The Babies. Heading up One Of A Kind, The Purr and the newly launched RYNTH, the Serbian artist has his sonic fingerprint all through the deep and progressive house underground. His latest and aptly titled i might add is a smooth yet exhilarating jaunt into deep hypnotic techno. Quite late night in appeal it’s meditative pulses and refined rhythmic structures make for a momentous first act. The break adds mightily to the storyboard, melting down into a cavernous reservoir of emotive themes and ghostly atmospheres, before the pacey groove sparks a purring finale.

Heavily favoured by DJs pre-release is ‘On The Moon’ by Diego Berrondo. The Uruguayan artist makes his Golden Wings debut in a major way with what is perhaps the his best work to date. In addition to a heavy complement of percussion the recurring Apollo 11 sample narrative combined with a spaced out arp and chord stabs makes for a highly rhythmic dance floor minded creation. Polish duo Cream & Deep Fog have had a tremendous year and now making their Golden Wings debut they end it on a strong note. Known for their mesmerizing productions, ‘Sudoku’ more that continues that ethos with waves of tranquil arps and charming overlays. Wonderfully musical, it’s emotive power is hard to ignore, building in free flowing fashion and with an effervescent flair. Creamy keys highlight a well constructed break, eventually stripping down to harmonic pulses and spacey sonics, perfectly setting up an emotive finale. The release concludes with Eli Spiral making his label debut following releases on John OO Fleming’s Joof Mantra, Stellar Fountain and Lost Language. The US artist has been one of 2018’s most pleasant surprises and now he rounds the year out with one of his all time best productions ‘Sage’. Crisp and finely detailed this definitely sits as the most peak time track on the collection. Adorning it’s tight, punchy framework are dynamic stabs, trails of killer effects and a plethora of fresh percussive elements. As you might expect the production does carry a distinctive psy-trance quality about it but the musicality and atmospheric waves let it sit comfortably in cross genre territory. A massive production from Eli which rounds out a much welcome return for Golden Wings Music. Let's hope 2019 holds more releases from this great label as this one comes highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2VbhYkX

Release Date: 26-12-2018

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