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Various Artists – Strangers [Or Two Strangers]

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The latest release from Or Two Strangers finds the label showcasing the first installment of it’s ‘Strangers’ compilation series. Set to be a biannual release and carefully curated by label boss Antrim, it’s a recurring collection which will showcase a colorful blend of deep and progressive house. Getting the series off to a promising start are (in order of appearance) Artfaq, Paul Lennar & Gux Jimenez, Ge Bruny & Kaito Aman, Abity, Lucas Rossi and Nishan Lee.

Fresh off a release on Cid Inc’s Replug records, Or Two Strangers label artists Artfaq lead the collection off with ‘Telephone Days’. Beginning with a bouncy cadence and mystical atmospheres, the piece evolves into a dreamy yet driven slice of hypnotic progressive house heaven. Not without emotive moments, the mood shifts with a slightly quirky yet heartfelt break, perfectly transitioning the piece into a groovy finale.

Next up is a collaborative effort from Paul Lennar & Gux Jimenez who contribute a deep, detailed creation entitled ‘Valhalla’. Profoundly melancholic, it’s a piece set to transport your dance floor into an otherworldly state. Wonky arps coupled with a tough and uniquely modern groove make this an unforgettable production from the Colombian duo.

The mood shifts back into pure progressive house territory with ‘Subspace’ by Ge Bruny & Kaito Aman. The creative duo paint a poignant sonic collage across the first act, before a myriad of chimes and astral arps elevate the mood for a heady finale of rolling grooves and free flowing melodic fragments.

The string of electronic music duos continues with Abity presenting their latest studio creation ‘The Mind Flayer’. The Argentinean pair once again craft something unique, exciting and tastefully poignant. Beginning with a dark, brooding underbelly it’s a piece that moves subtly into emotive territory, as symphonic atmospheres descend over the framework, perfectly setting up a break of brightly beaming tones, before tasteful modulation and a rhythmic drop seals it’s brilliance.

Or Two Strangers label artist Lucas Rossi is next with the much anticipated ‘Parallels’. Already a highlight in the Argentine’s sets, it’s a tightly wound production that is perfectly dialled for the dance floor. Tough beats, detailed percussion and astral arps make for a vibrant, bouncy first act, before a euphoric lead and timely build out of the break initiate a spacey finale.

The release concludes with Sri Lankan artist Nishan Lee making his label debut with the heady ‘Zone 9’. With a compelling narrative and modern design it picks up momentum quickly as hypnotic rhythms and waves of percussion flow in hedonic fashion. Building subtly with a variety of indistinct motifs, it’s a unique piece perfectly dialled for an educated dance floor. Perhaps one of Nishan’s most compelling productions to date which rounds out the first installment of the ‘Strangers’ series on a strong note. Highly Recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2SN2L7a

Release Date: 11-03-2019

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