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Various Artists – Clubsonica Sampler, Vol. 2 [Clubsonica Records]

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Clubsonica Records rounds out a successful year by unveiling the second edition of their Sampler Series. The Colombian imprint's popular MMW and ADE Various Artists releases have become an annual highlight for progressive music aficionados. Operating under a similar ethos, Clubsonica's Sampler Series made its debut last year to resounding praise from fans and tastemakers alike. Spread across five tracks the label showcased music from trending newcomers like Ric Niels alongside long-standing veterans such as Solid Sessions. Now, presenting the much anticipated second edition of the series, Clubsonica features new music from (in order of appearance) Alex Daf and Stas Underhill, Franco Camiolo, Kamilo Sanclemente, KAZKO and Vicissu and Satya-Loka.

Making their label debut with selection one is Alex Daf and Stas Underhill. Hailing from Ukraine and both well respected in their solo careers, Alex and Stas boast a collective discography with releases via Area Verde, Armada, Blackhole, Freegrant Music, Traful and more. The duo now embarks on their first ever collaborative project, making their Clubsonica debut with 'Immortal Freedom'. Aimed squarely at a peak hour dance floor, the duo marries trance-inducing rhythms and striking percussion with punchy beats and rolling grooves. An array of effervescent effects steals the air across the first act, sweeping in and out of the stereo-field as heartfelt melodies add texture and emotion leading into the main break. Rising modulation continues to elevate mood as arps open up and the interlude builds to a colourful symphony of sound, before giving way to warm bass swells and a tension filled build, as the groove drops for a charged finale.

The second selection welcomes newcomer Franco Camiolo to the label with 'Over the Time'. Hailing from the talent-rich region of Argentina, Buenos Aires resident Franco Camiolo arrives armed with just one release to his credit. Coming courtesy of Manual Music's MNL affiliate, Franco's 'Speculating As Unknown' landed in October amidst much praise. The Argentine's hyper-melodic sound was instantly seductive, immediately making him one of Argentina's brightest prospects. Now, adding Clubsonica to his resume, Franco debuts on the label with the refreshing sounds of 'Over the Time'. Plush beats, pulsating bass tones and rolling percussion set the piece in motion, as clustered motifs and effervescent effects encase the framework. Soaring overlays and whimsical arps further the narrative as the first act evolves, adding depth and emotion leading into the main break. Melting down to a gentle sonic sizzle, the interlude rebuilds itself as percolating arps play off timely effects, as modulation reaches a tasteful apex and the groove re-engages for a melodic final act.

Moving forward to selection three is longstanding Clubsonica artist Kamilo Sanclemente who returns with the charmed sounds of 'Fable'. As one of progressive music's most beloved names, the Cali resident has a litany of successes over the last decade. Prolific and consistent in equal measure, Kamilo has earned the praise of genre tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, while showcasing his music via Anjunadeep, The Soundgarden, Replug and more. Now returning to his comfortable home of Clubsonica, Kamilo presents his latest studio creation 'Fable'. Although beloved for his progressive creations, Kamilo reaches into his organic repertoire for what is sure to be a daytime dancefloor delight. Developing in waves, dusty percussion and warm atmospheric phrasing blanket buoyant beats and chunky grooves before an expansive break shifts the narrative further into emotive territory. Shapeshifting vocals and fragmented textures unite across the one-minute centrepiece, bringing with them a childlike exuberance, before eventually giving way to a playfully melodic finale.

Making his label debut with selection four is Sri Lankan artist KAZKO. Colombo based KAZKO is early in his journey into electronic music with his debut coming in 2020 via the Benichyo Label. Although beginning as more of a tech-house producer it was not long until KAZKO found his calling in progressive house, with Bonzai Progressive, Droid9 and Future Avenue being landing spots for his melodic sound. 2022 has seen the Colombo resident continue to rise, adding projects for Antrim's Strangers Beats, Droid9 and Movement Recordings to his resume. Continuing his prolific ways, KAZKO now makes his much-anticipated Clubsonica debut with 'Sun Dance'. Enticing from the start, its organic lean proves irresistible, as low-slung grooves anchor impassioned overlays and charming musicality. Layers of exotic percussion are blanketed with hopeful pads, calming effects and fragmented vocals. Emotion peaks as the main break unfolds, with a strummy lead and chanting vocals uniting for goosebump worthy moments, eventually getting washed away as the dulcet groove returns for an elegant finale.

The release concludes with Vicissu and Satya-Loka making their label debut with the collection's second and final collaboration. Based in Brazil and the Netherlands respectively, both Vicissu and Satya-Loka have achieved measurable success in their solo careers. A collective discography is highlighted by releases via Ideological and Progressive Vibes Light. Now presenting their first ever collaboration, Vicissu and Satya-Loka debut on Clubsonica with 'Dream Hooks'. Smooth and fluid throughout, the duo's sleek designs are inviting and hopeful, tactfully merging for a momentous end of the night mood, as commanding beats and key changing grooves keep things firmly on the dance floor. Vicissu's vocals ring out in timeless suspension across the main break, bringing with them colour, texture and emotion, gently building anticipation onwards to a glowing apex and purring final movement. Tastefully epic, it rounds out a must have second edition of Clubsonica's Sampler Series, one where a unique amalgamation of artists touch on organic, progressive and melodic house trends.

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