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Unsaid – Meiretus EP [Running Clouds]

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Unsaid makes his much anticipated debut on Running Clouds with the 'Meiretus' EP. Born and raised in Rome but now based in Modena, the Italian artist brings a unique passion to electronic music, one where melodies border on the astral and grooves on the exotic. Having been deeply entrenched in the sounds of cosmic techno for some time, Unsaid now makes his long awaited debut on Running Clouds with a three track artist showcase.

Any new producer is always searching for that sound to set him apart and Unsaid does that quite nicely through distinctive design and spacey soundscapes. The lead piece ‘Asgardian Sense’ showcases this wonderfully with mysterious and deeply compelling architecture. Buzzing sonics built around a smooth, meditative groove, clattering percussion and spacey synths make for a mystical seven minute journey. Timely effects and tight transitions keep the narrative evolving, before a more ominous break brings just the right amount of drama for a stellar finale.

The second selection ‘Eternal Bond’ comes in equally mesmerizing with psychedelic structures and alien like design immediately grabbing your attention. Solemn yet hopeful, it’s emotive range is vast, accentuated perfectly with trippy hooks and astral trails. A touch more minimal than it's predecessor, the first act builds tension subtly before an emotive reservoir opens up during the main break. Transcendent and glowing, it's a gorgeous centrepiece, one which elevates mood briefly before getting washed away in favour of punchy beats and cerebral hooks.

The release concludes with the title and showcase piece 'Meiretus'. Powerful and brooding it shares a similar sonic ethos to the first two cuts, making it a perfect complement to round out the EP. Sitting at the heart of the piece is a cinematic break, which would have to be considered the most emotive moment on the release. Granular sweeps and cascading melodies play off each other perfectly during the one minute interlude which offsets the first act's devilish narrative. A very inspired piece of music from Unsaid and one which has already earned support from some of the underground's top tastemakers. It caps off what is an auspicious start for Unsaid, who is most certainly a name you're going to be hearing a lot more about in the future, a great signing for Running Clouds. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2HczTT6

Release Date: 29-08-2019

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