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The Cobb – Ogon [-102C]

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Following up the excellent 'Voda, -102C label manager The Cobb continues his 'Elements' series with the third installment entitled 'Ogon'. Beginning in September with the excellent 'Veter', the 'Elements' series is a four release anthology whereby the The Cobb creates a track to represent one of the four elements alongside a remix from Dmitry Molosh. The release of 'Voda' notched the series' second installment earlier this month with a predictably great response, and now 'Ogon' arrives with equal anticipation.

Continuing his organic ways, The Cobb once again crafts a memorable production in 'Ogon'. From deep, misty beginnings the Russian artist creates an inviting atmosphere for chunky grooves and pixie-like themes to work their magic. Intriguing vocal elements soon appear, processed for maximum sensory stimulation and sitting nicely in the mix before giving way to a poignant string section. Timeless in style, the main break furthers the musical narrative with an array of luminous motifs and soulful phrasing, the latter of which continues to build and evolve across a wonderfully trippy yet musical finale.

One of the unique things about The Cobb's 'Elements' series is we get to see a different side of Dmitry Molosh. The Belarus artist has explored an organic blueprint on these projects with great success and his remix of 'Voda' might be one of the year's most touching tracks. On 'Ogon' Dmitry toughens up the framework with punchier beats and more distinctive percussive details. The funkiness of the groove translates well with thumping stabs delivering monumental bounce while the musical elements remain restrained and tasteful leading into the break. The vocal sits more prominently here, meandering amidst the touching strings and exotic drum arrangements, before eventually melting down to the vocal and a buoyant final act. A classy sounding production from Dmitry which completes the third installment of The Cobb's 'Elements' series and perfectly setting the stage for the December release of 'Zemlya'.

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Release Date: 26-11-2021

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