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Terje Saether – Silver Lining [ICONYC]

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Terje Saether makes a much anticipated return to John Johnson’s ICONYC with ‘Silver Lining’. The Norwegian artist last appeared on the US imprint in July of 2017 with a remix of ‘Witchcraft’ by Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic. Also owning releases on Connaisseur Recordings, Hope Recordings and Parquet, Terje now returns to ICONYC with a brand new artist showcase.

As seen across his diverse discography Terje is adept at crafting a broad spectrum of electronic music. The EP’s first track ‘Thinking’ is tough yet deep and sounds ideally suited for late night action. Quite heavy sounding it definitely carries a large presence throughout. It’s the vocal narrative which is most compelling though, looping through various phrases as electronics sizzle, eventually leading to a short break which resets the groove to lock you on once again.

Next up is ‘True’ which shows the Norwegian’s borderless approach perfectly. A chunky low end offers endless amounts of groove while a tech house style percussion section adds copious dance floor flair. It’s no secret Terje likes to work with vocals and once again it’s a sparsely used, ultra processed storyboard which burrows deep into your subconscious. There’s something quite funky about it and it plays off the groove wonderfully.

The release concludes with it’s title and showcase piece ‘Silver Lining’ which comes in as an acid fueled peak time rocker. As soon as I hear the acid lines i immediately recall ‘Acperience’ and that’s a great thing. The complementary elements and timely transitions are what really add the icing on the cake. Everything from bleepy stabs to wonky motifs get the piece to a higher level and definitely make it one people are going to remember long after the night it over. It rounds out a super EP from one of the underground’s most underrated artists. Highly recommended music from John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint once again.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2K3CD7I

Release Date: 18-06-2017

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