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Teleport-X – Long Way Back Home [Deepwibe Underground]

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Teleport-X returns to Deepwibe Underground for a much anticipated second EP for the Russian imprint. Juan Serrentino aka Teleport-X made his Deepwibe debut in August of last year with the well received 'Bosque Magico' EP. While earning praise from Guy J and Petar Dundov amongst others, it showcased a wide spectrum of the Argentinean's much loved progressive style. Now following releases on Droid9 and Estribo Records, Teleport-X lands back on Deepwibe Underground with 'Long Way Back Home'.

Beginning with 'Long Way' Juan touches on the smooth, hypnotic side of his progressive sound. Free and flowing from the outset it’s bulbous low end not only provides warmth but a massive presence. Electric lines fade to prominence while radiant pads descend over the framework, perfectly setting up an emotive break. Short but impactful, the centrepiece delivers a gentle tension while elevating mood before wispy atmospherics usher in a driving finale.

Next up is 'Back' which is perhaps more musical but no less groovy. Bright tonal themes highlight the first act while a bed of fuzzy bass and tepid beats push momentum forward. The break is much more expansive, spanning over a minute in length and showcasing a hazy harmonic disposition while glassy motifs drift off in the distance. No overblown build or drama here, just a serene stretch that segues effortlessly into a poignant final act. Definitely one to please both old and new progressive house fans.

The release concludes with 'Home' which is appropriately the most reflective piece on the EP. Beginning with a warm, rolling groove the creation moves with discernible momentum as layers of drums and dulcet rhythms converge for a hearty rhythmic core. Charming arps and elegant atmospheres flow beautifully into an emotive centrepiece, as mounds of bass build a subtle tension, while haunting pads and hopeful overlays fully saturate your pleasure centres. An impassioned creation from Juan which rounds out a stunning collection of music from the Argentine. Definitely an artist to keep a close eye on as the summer season approaches. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2DJVEYq

Release Date: 06-05-2019

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