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Taylan – Moringa | Earthbound [Clubsonica Records]

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Clubsonica Records opens the month of October by welcoming TAYLAN to the label for his debut EP. Based in Los Angeles, TAYLAN first emerged in 2021 with a series of melodic house and techno releases via his musicbytaylan imprint. Immediately recognized for his astral sound, TAYLAN would go on a creative swell across the next two calendar years, landing key projects via Beatfreak, Manual Music, Steyoyoke and more, making him a rising talent to watch going forward. Now, continuing on that upwards trajectory, TAYLAN makes his Clubsonica debut with 'Moringa | Earthbound', alongside remixes from Vešča and Andre Moret.

Much lauded for his melodic sound, TAYLAN continues to explore that narrative on 'Moringa'. Wrapped within a smooth DJ friendly intro are punchy beats, pulsating basslines and a myriad of orbiting effects. The American's storyboarding takes hold as charming atmospheres, creamy arps and trance-inspired melodies emerge across the first act, carrying with them a sense of anticipation and emotion. The main break showcases TAYLAN's penchant for evocative musicality, as fragmented melodies continue to emerge amidst glowing atmospheric refrains and buzzing tones, eventually giving way to a groovy drop and uplifting finale. The companion piece 'Earthbound' continues the progressive tone set by its predecessor and lands with a smooth hypnotic nature. Possessing a mesmerizing undercurrent, TAYLAN blends entrancing percussion and meandering melodic concepts over liquid-like grooves and sparkling effects, creating a mature no frills arrangement leading into the second act. Its transcendent appeal builds across a dreamy break, where cinematic pads and ghostly vocals converge, perfectly setting up a smooth drop as rolling arps and chugging rhythms unite for a colourful final act.

The lone interpretation of 'Moringa' is provided by Vešča who makes her label debut. Hailing from Argentina, Vešča has become a fixture in her country's burgeoning nightlife, sharing the stage with Eli&Fur, Gorje Hewek, Miss Monique, Korolova and more. Also, a highly respected producer, Vešča's creative blend of progressive, melodic and organic house has found a home on Mango Alley, Shanti Radio and Traful. Now, adding Clubsonica to her resume, Vešča debuts on the label with an inspired rendition of 'Moringa'. Beginning with a buoyant kick and chugging groove, the fast rising Argentine channels the melodic energy of the original through panoramic synths and percolating arps, before the main break delivers a mood lifting excursion which perfectly sets up a tastefully timeless finale.

The release concludes with Andre Moret returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Earthbound'. As one of Brazil's most highly regarded progressive house artists, Andre has achieved many successes across his five-year career. World class DJs Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren have been regular supporters, while his inimitable productions have found a home on Deepwibe Underground, Plattenbank, The Soundgarden, Univack and more. Clubsonica has also been a regular landing spot for Andre, with the Campinas resident appearing five times across a three-year stretch following his debut in 2020. Now, following an EP for Sebastian Busto's Moonlight imprint, Andre makes a welcome return to Clubsoncia with a groovy rendition of 'Earthbound'. Focusing on a less conventional monochrome, Andre goes deep and techy for what results in a thrilling eight-minute journey. Dark rebounding rhythms and deep chugging basslines set the course for waves of flickering percussion, drifting vocals and growling stabs. Looking to bring a greater emotional response, the main break shifts the narrative through clustered arps, wispy effects and glowing pads, before a clever coax of tension-filled modulation perfectly sets up a stripped drop and smooth meditative finale. A heady interpretation from Andre, which rounds out an excellent label debut for TAYLAN, an artist who continues to be one of the USA's most hotly tipped progressive house talents.

Buy: https://rb.gy/tkun3

Release Date: 29-09-2023

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